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Accidents Will Happen

Posted by: Julie on October 18th, 2009

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One Tree Hill has more car accident victims than some medical dramas. This theme is established with two separate near-accidents in the first few minutes of the first episode: Peyton stops short of running into Lucas and Nathan almost crashes a “borrowed” school bus into a train. Those may have been close calls, but it turns out they were only delaying the inevitable flaming wreckage in their future…

1×04 – Crash Into You
Nathan takes Peyton’s car without asking to give Haley a ride home from a party. After dropping her off, he sideswipes a parked car and crashes it into a telephone pole. Lucas witnesses the accident and runs to the car, thinking Peyton was driving. He confronts Nathan, who is a really big douchebag about the whole thing. He leaves the car on the side of the road and tells Lucas he will deny what happened. Later on, Nathan lies to Peyton about the whereabouts of her car. This accident is noteworthy because no one is injured! (more…)