Stepping Up :: the Nathan Scott fanlisting


1. Be a fan of Nathan Scott.

2. You don't have to have a website of any kind to join, but if you do have one and you would like me to link to it, please link back here (you can use one of my buttons if you want) either before joining or soon after. If you don't link to my site, you will still be listed but I won't link to your site.

3. If your site contains porn or hate or other unsavoury things, or if it crashes my browser, I won't link to it. If I have to register or login somewhere to see your site, I also won't link to it. I will still list you here, just without your URL.

4. Do not direct link to the buttons!! Bandwidth theft is illegal. If you are using one of my buttons to link here you MUST save it to your computer and upload it to your own webspace. Sites which are direct linking will not be linked from the member list.

5. Please try to keep your member information up to date using the update form.