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Review: 8.16 – I Think I’m Gonna Like It Here

Posted by: Meaghan on February 28th, 2011

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This was a pretty good episode. Not great, but maybe better than the last few.

Flippy Floppies! Julian quoted my favourite line from “I’m on a Boat.” That was awesome.

Baby Mama Drama? I watched Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, on which Leven Rambin played Riley, who turned out not to be exactly what she seemed. I now have actor transference, which is making me feel like I should caution Brooke and Julian that pregnant girl Chloe may not be all that trustworthy. Also, this is Tree Hill, so chances are pretty good she’s some kind of psycho. But aside from all that, congrats to Brulian on getting to adopt! I’m sure it will turn out fine. Yes.

Take Me Out to the Ballgame. It’s cute that Jamie has found a sport for which he isn’t too short, and nice that Fortitude is sponsoring a Little League team. But honestly, seeing Son of Kellerman show his softer side with the kids was very Q-in-season-5: been there, done that, liked it the first time, don’t need to see it again, and if I want a Q flashback I will just watch Robbie Jones on Hellcats, which is conveniently on right after OTH. I don’t even have to change the channel.

Population Control. Also, I don’t care about Kellerman’s son’s backstory. Do you know why I don’t care? Because I do care about Haley, Nathan, Brooke, Julian, and Millie, and okay, maybe even Clay, Quinn, and Alex a bit, and I don’t need yet more useless characters taking up their ever-diminishing screentime. This episode was somewhat refreshing in that Nathan and Haley were actually seen together three whole times! But it’d still be nice to see more meaningful interaction between the couple that is and always has been the heart of the show. With so much time being spent on scenes featuring utterly unimportant characters like Chase and Chuck, baseball guy (seriously, I don’t even remember his name) and his troubled relationship with his douchey father (who, it goes without saying, doesn’t hold a candle to Dan Scott anyway), and now Chloe (worst case scenario: skanky baseball dude turns out to be the father of her baby, leading to even more unnecessary focus on people I don’t care about), I fear for the future of our core characters. Are Nathan and Haley really so boring that the writers can’t even think of  interesting material for them despite Haley being pregnant (kind of a big deal) and Nathan retiring from basketball and going back to school (also kind of a big deal)? I just don’t buy that. What’s the deal here?

Ladies’ Night. I’d have to say the scenes at Haley’s shower were my favourites in the episode. It’s great to see all the girls get together, and having Victoria show up yelling about being in prison was pretty hilarious. Haley’s toast to Brooke was a lovely moment.

Review: 8.15 – Valentine’s Day is Over

Posted by: Morgan on February 21st, 2011

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Well, like Julie last week, I did not intend to be so negative. I just can’t help it. I was actually talking to Julie about this and she made an excellent point. It isn’t about what we are seeing in the show; it’s about what we aren’t seeing. I wouldn’t mind everything, except for the fact that the show doesn’t seem to want to write for Nathan and Haley. I read an interview with Mark Schwahn at the beginning of season seven. He was trying to reassure fans who might be worried about how the show would fare without Lucas and Peyton. I don’t recall his exact wording, but he was basically saying that Nathan and Haley were the heart and soul of the show and always had been. It’s true. At the moment, it feels as though they’re so stable that the show doesn’t feel the need to give them any story. However, there are major things going on in their lives that could provide for some great story for them. The most obvious, Haley is pregnant. It’s been such a non-issue.

Then there’s Nathan trying to find his place in the world without basketball. This affects not just Nathan, but Haley and Jamie as well. Instead, Nathan’s return to school has been a dud. Instead of seeing him overcome and work hard, we just seem him griping about his professor. Is Kellerman an ass? Absolutely. Should Nathan, a mature adult, be handling this better? Yes. He should be studying and working hard. The story had a lot of promise, but that’s fizzled.

The main problem that I had with this episode was that every other couple, including Jamie and Madison, had a better story for the episode than Nathan and Haley. Nathan and Haley are the couple of this show. They’ve been a constant for 164 episodes now. That’s longevity that not a lot of television couples can claim and the show is really doing a disservice to their history. The few scenes they had together I did enjoy. Haley’s hormones are always good for a laugh. Their scene in the bathroom was a nice illustration of how well they just work together doing something as mundane as brushing teeth. Well, onto other things. I do actually know the show isn’t all about Nathan and Haley. Though, it should be more about Nathan and Haley.

Brooke and Julian were light and fun. By the time they got to the pizza delivery fantasy, it was getting a little old. Their amateur porn movie routine, though, gave no indication that they would be making a monumental life decision in this episode. Their decision to adopt, which is not a surprise, is going to change their lives. It feels like it was just tacked on at the end to propel their story in future episodes. Of course, the way the season has been going, I now fear that with this decision, the remainder of Haley’s pregnancy will become about Brooke’s desire to be a mom.

I wish they weren’t devoting so much time to Chuck and Chase. Chuck’s song was cute. It’s cuter knowing that Michael May, who plays Chuck, wrote the song. Let’s talk about crappy advice, shall we? What kind of mentor figure tells a kid to hide who they are? Nice going, Chase. He’s forgetting that Chuck’s best friend is Jamie Scott. Jamie Scott would never mock his friend for loving show tunes. That’s horrible, horrible advice to give a kid. Also, I enjoyed it more when Dan Scott told off Mrs. Scolnick then when Chase did it.

The other couples had their chance to be cute. Mouth and Millie, as well as Clay and Quinn, seem destined for bliss. Everyone is in a really good place in their lives. The muffin was a nice callback to earlier Mouth and Millie days. On the subject of Clay and Quinn, I don’t buy that he has the kind of clout to get City & Colour to do a private performance. Nonetheless, it was sweet.

Given the past couple of episodes, I’m starting to think I liked season seven more, and I consider season seven to be the weakest. I’ll reserve final judgment until the season actually ends. They have seven episodes to turn it around. And please, for the love of all that is good and holy, let Nathan and Haley be Nathan and Haley for those final episodes. Please.

Review: 8.14 – Holding Out For A Hero

Posted by: Julie on February 14th, 2011

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I didn’t sit down to write an overwhelmingly negative review of this episode, but when I break it down I can’t help but be critical of almost everything. Mostly, I found the episode boring. Despite the unusual and ridiculous circumstances of Brooke, Haley, and Quinn spending most of the episode dressed as superheroes, the plots all felt predictable to me. The theme cover was terrible. The best part of the episode was definitely the fun visuals of the costumes.

B. Dazzle, Baby Mama aka Mastermind, and Shutterbug
This would be the o_O portion of the episode. I don’t know what to think about this. The costumes were fun and hilarious (“Brooke Davis makes top-of-the-line superhero apparel”), but the girls’ motivation was really questionable. I certainly appreciate and admire their desire to help, but it seemed very wrong for them to attack the bullies with more bullying. It felt like high school Brooke lashing out at Rachel — which was awesome back then, don’t get me wrong — but it didn’t feel right for this situation. These girls are much younger than she is. I also think the actual result of intercepting bullies while wearing superhero outfits would be to seriously embarrass their victim and set her up for even more bullying. So ultimately, I think the girls as superheroes plot failed, despite the fun visuals. If they had dressed up for a charity event, or an event at Jamie’s school, or even just for their own kicks, maybe it could have been more successful. I did like Nathan and Clay spotting the girls walking in front of the car and Brooke’s Clark Kent moment at the end. (I am concerned that Haley keeps violating the privacy of the crisis center callers — that doesn’t seem in character for her!)

Mia and Alex
This again? I’m bored with the fighting between Mia and Alex. This seemed like a good resolution to the drama, but so did the pie scene in the Thanksgiving episode yet here we are again. And we REALLY don’t need Alex to be Mia 3.0. I hope Mia goes on tour and disappears for a while.

Nathan and Clay
What the hell was this? Professor Kellerman is definitely an asshat, but Clay’s speech was ridiculous. Yes, he had a point, but his version of business is also pretty unrealistic. Nathan needs to stop making himself look like a dog-napping weirdo and beat Professor Kellerman by studying hard and acing his course!

Chase and Chuck
Is this really necessary? These two got like, ten times the screentime of Nathan and Haley. For what it was these scenes were okay, but I am just not interested (although I did laugh at Chase getting Chucked).

Julian and Mouth (and Millie)
This felt like filler even more than Chase and Chuck, although I kind of like Julian and Mouth as friends. It was completely obvious Mouth was going to be in the commercial (haha at Tree Hill College being THC). I like Millie so I’m glad to see her happy again, even if it is with Mouth the creeper.

My biggest gripe is my complete and utter lack of surprise at Nathan and Haley’s only scene together being a one minute (exactly, I clocked it) “end of the day” scene. When the show came back from the final commercial break with another Chase and Chuck scene, and then Alex and Mia, and then Mouth and Millie, and they still hadn’t had a scene together, I was starting to get angry. I’m really missing them lately. This couple is the heart of the show and I’m not tuning in to season eight to see minor characters. I don’t need every episode to be all about Nathan and Haley but they are certainly more important than this. We have seen almost no story regarding the new baby and Haley hasn’t been involved in Nathan’s return to school, which seems like a sadly missed opportunity to bring back tutor girl. I understand Bethany Joy Galeotti may be working less due to her pregnancy, but I haven’t really noticed her having reduced screen time. I hope we’ll get a lot more Nathan and Haley goodness coming up with the birth of their baby.

Review: 8.13 – The Other Half of Me

Posted by: Morgan on February 6th, 2011

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In response to Julie’s review for the previous episode, I do have experience with tongue piercings. I can tell you with certainty that even after removing the piercing after only a few hours, Quinn’s tongue would still be swollen. She would not be speaking normally. Oh, well.

Let’s begin with the people who aren’t Brooke and Julian. They aren’t that important in this episode, anyway. It’s all about Brooke and Julian. Mostly Brooke, though.

This is the kind of episode where I think shows take advantage of the fact that they can have everyone present. Even people who maybe don’t belong there? I specifically mean Mia and Chase. They just kind of filled time. Also, how rude is it that they got busy in the back of that limo? Very rude. They couldn’t find anywhere else?

Clay is back and Quinn’s confession to him seemed a little rushed. I don’t really want them to dwell on this any longer, but it still felt rushed and also out of place in this episode. I am enjoying Quinn’s friendship with Alex. I didn’t expect it, but it’s nice. I think they both needed a good, no drama friend. Especially Alex.

Given their past problems with addiction, should Millie or Alex really be drinking so much? This is two episodes in a row where they’ve been drinking. I know their problems were specifically with drugs, but I would think that avoiding alcohol would also be helpful for them.

Nice little nods to the past were present. Skills takes his wedding responsibilities seriously, which is good for a laugh. I enjoyed the mentions to past Tree Hill wedding disasters. I also think his attraction to Sylvia is hysterical.

I missed Peyton, but I don’t really feel like she was missing. If that makes any sense. I also liked that Brooke mentioned Sam. I also would have liked to have seen her there. She was such a champion for Brooke and Julian. Oh, well.

Where was Nathan in this episode? I realize he wasn’t part of the wedding party, but for two weeks now it just seems like Nathan has really taken a back seat. I miss him. He absolutely should have been there when Haley told Jamie that they were having a girl. Why wasn’t he? Where else would he have been? He was almost an afterthought through the entire episode.

How adorable was Jamie in this episode? Okay, he almost always is. I love that he quoted J.K. Rowling. Mostly, I love the friendship he’s formed with Julian. I’d like an animated gif of Jamie and Julian high fiving. I love that they brought that back. Jamie’s speech was precious. He was a great choice of best man.

One of my favorite things about the episode was the stuff between Haley and Brooke. I’ve always loved their friendship and one of my biggest gripes about season seven was that they weren’t in enough scenes together. This season has more than made up for that. Their scenes together were really nice in this episode, as was Haley’s toast. Although, as I recall, that one night during season one, Brooke was a bitch and high. So, I’m not sure Haley would come away from that wanting to be Brooke’s friend. Either way, it was a nice little nod to season one and the long history the characters share.

I loved everything about Brooke in this episode. The little nod to the red front door was great and a nice reminder for how far she’s come. I also loved seeing her dance to “Don’t You Forget About Me.” That was such a great Brooke moment in season six, so it was nice to see it again. The point is that we’ve watched Brooke go from being selfish and promiscuous to this great, selfless woman. She’s grown so much and not only has she yearned for this, but I think we as viewers have as well. It was time for Brooke to get the boy and to have nothing go wrong on her big day.

Everyone got along on her wedding day. Everyone set aside their differences. Paul and Sylvia took the time to set aside their differences. Although, it was funny when they were bickering. There was even some nice stuff between Brooke and Victoria. Occasionally, we see that Victoria does have a heart. It was so sweet that she walked Brooke down the aisle when her father didn’t show up. Did we really expect to see Brooke’s dad, though? I don’t think so. We haven’t seen him yet, so why now?

Julian’s entire purpose has basically been to be for Brooke. I like how he’s fit into life in Tree Hill, and even the ways he hasn’t fit in. He’s exactly the man that Brooke has always deserved. He’s the one who’s never tried to change her and who has stood by her through everything. I love them together and this was really a great episode for them. When we did 30 Days of One Tree Hill, I said that Brooke needed to be with a man who didn’t mind being known as Mr. Brooke Davis. So, I was amused when Brooke called him Mr. Davis as they drove off together. He’s completely comfortable with that role.

All in all, a great episode for Brooke. This has, thus far, been the season of Brooke Davis. I just hope that now we get to focus on other characters. Like Nathan and Haley as a couple.

Review: 8.12 – The Drinks We Drank Last Night

Posted by: Julie on January 31st, 2011

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Finally, One Tree Hill is back after the dreaded winter hiatus! The last episode left us on a rather serious note and this one definitely does not pick up where we left off. I’m okay with that because I think we can fill in the blanks (but I suspect the hit-and-run driver will remain a mystery). I’ll be honest, I wasn’t really excited about the show ripping the premise of The Hangover because I think that movie is overrated. I ended up liking this spin on it more than I expected — the ladies of Tree Hill are way more likeable than the Hangover characters.

Watching the girls wake up was fun. Even better was the tattoo search (the “x-rated version of Where’s Waldo”) and the discovery of Millie’s hoe tag/tramp stamp. I liked Haley’s line “I have one!” and Millie spinning around trying to look at her back was funny. The tattoo was pretty horrible. I don’t know much about tattoos so I don’t know if that’s really what a fresh tattoo would look like the morning after, but hey, it’s TV. I’m less convinced Quinn would be fine after simply removing a new tongue piercing. But yes, it’s TV. I did like her super smeared lipstick.

The various flashbacks were all pretty fun, particularly the mechanical bull, Millie drinking out of the boot (eww, but lol!), and Sylvia’s keg stand. I figured the guy Brooke made out with would be Julian as soon as it was mentioned (it was a cute ending anyway). The investigative team of Brooke, Haley, and Sylvia was, unsurprisingly, awesome. I was surprised that Quinn was much more fun with Millie and Alex than she has possibly ever been with anyone else. I could have done without the Dave Navarro stuff, but it wasn’t as bad as I’d feared. Not that he did a terrible job, but I’m always embarrassed when shows integrate celebrities into the plot line and I was worried it would be 95% of the episode. I was glad he was only a small part of the crazy plot.

I loved the Brooke and Sylvia scene on the roof. Some of it was pretty mean, but for them to really get along I think they needed to get it out there. I like how their relationship has progressed and I think Sharon Lawrence is great on the show.

What the heck was this Dogust (Daugust?) and Nathan plot? I think it was a terrible idea for him to make himself look guilty of dognapping! I know they needed something for him to do but that was lame. I would have loved to see him help Haley work on the wedding. That would have been awesome.

I wish Peyton (and Lucas and Sawyer) could be at the wedding, and I do appreciate the show addressing her absence. The scene felt a little harsh to Peyton, but I don’t really think it was. The truth is she hasn’t been around. We as viewers know why she is gone, but I think it’s better for the show to address the reality of what Peyton’s absence means to Brooke rather than to pretend like nothing has changed. That said, I really think this situation would seem less harsh if the show had bothered to explain Lucas and Peyton’s absence in the first place. If they are in New Zealand with Karen and Andy (a reasonable guess, I suppose), then a flight to North Carolina would not be an easy journey.

On a final note, the theme cover by Tegan and Sara was one of the better covers… but that isn’t saying much. Almost all of the covers are so light. I’d like to hear a version with the energy of the original! Or preferably, just the original.