Brooke Davis

Brooke Penelope Davis was born and raised in Tree Hill, North Carolina. Her parents, Richard and Victoria, mostly left Brooke to fend for herself as a child, giving her free reign over the house and the family credits cards. As a result, Brooke grew up having everything she wanted at her beck and call except for her parents. Since the age of nine she has been best friends with Peyton Sawyer, who she affectionately calls "P. Sawyer". Despite the lack of affection and supervision from her parents, Brooke grew to be a caring and thoughtful friend, crying and consoling Peyton when her mother died in a car accident. As kids, Brooke and Peyton would go to the mall on Tuesdays so Peyton could buy new music and Brooke could buy makeup and check out the boys.

In high school Brooke became captain of the cheerleading squad and the most popular girl in school. Early on her love for boys extended to a love for sex. Brooke's first serious relationship was with Lucas Scott. Brooke initially attempted to seduce Lucas the same way she was able to get other boys to like her - she introduced herself by waiting for him in the back of his car while naked. As she got to know Lucas she realized he didn't just like her for her looks but that he wanted to know the real Brooke Davis and share his interests with her. In an effort to get him to loosen up and have fun Brooke took him to a bar and got him a tattoo. Their relationship developed until Brooke realized Lucas and her best friend Peyton had feelings for each other. Brooke broke up with Lucas but then discovered she might be pregnant. Lucas promised to be there for her, whatever she decided, but she wasn't pregnant. Brooke and Peyton's friendship suffered a severe blow over Peyton and Lucas' feelings for each other and Brooke was hesitant to trust Peyton again. The two became closer after discovering that Lucas had sex with a random girl he met in a bar.

As their junior year of high school continued, Brooke began a "friends with benefits" relationship with her new next door neighbor, Felix Taggaro. She also became friends with Lucas' best friend Haley, who Brooke had mistakenly told the school was pregnant after Haley married Lucas' brother (and Peyton's ex-boyfriend) Nathan. Brooke made amends with Haley by throwing her a bridal shower. When trying to pay for the bridal shower, Brooke discovered that her parents' credit cards had been declined. Richard Davis had lost his job and Brooke's life of privilege changed drastically. Brooke attempted to find a job and worked as a crab, standing on the sidewalk and advertising a seafood restaurant. Brooke hated the job and the working conditions and organized the other crabs into a strike and managed to get them better wages and breaks. By this point her relationship with Felix had changed to boyfriend-girlfriend. Brooke felt invigorated by what she did with her fellow crabs and decided to run for student body president. After some sabotaging by her opponent Erica Marsh, Brooke managed to win. One of her first acts was to create DW Not I, a program to give rides to students who were too drunk to drive. Brooke's father soon found another job, one that would maintain their bank account at its previous level, but it would require the family to move to California. Brooke hated this idea as she was getting closer to Lucas again and she'd miss Peyton. Lucas arranged for her to move in with his mom since he was living with his father Dan. Before Brooke left for California to spend the summer with her family, Lucas confessed that he wanted to be with her.

Brooke returned to Tree Hill to finish high school, renting the apartment that Nathan and Haley had lived in. Because Haley needed a place to live, Brooke invited her to be her roommate. Brooke feared getting hurt by Lucas again and kept him at arms length, making him work to get her back. She encouraged him to go out with new girl and Brooke's cheerleading squad nemesis Rachel Gatina. Brooke also began working at a store called Suburban Filth and designing her own clothes. Suburban Filth liked her designs so much they asked Brooke if they could use them. In the cheerleading squad's fantasy boy draft, Brooke tried to thwart Rachel by drafting Chris Keller, but was thwarted herself when Rachel drafted Lucas. Brooke was forced to go on a date with Chris Keller, much to her dismay. It was on this date that she first saw her designs in a store window. While celebrating with Chris Keller, she ended up sleeping with him, which Lucas walked in on. Brooke immediately felt bad and felt even worse when she found out Suburban Filth would not be paying her for her designs. Peyton suggested she and Brooke go to the store and steal the clothes she designed. They did, but got arrested for it (along with Haley, who answered the door wearing one of the tank tops). Brooke tried to explain her feelings to Lucas and showed him a box of letters she wrote to him all summer but never sent. She and Lucas declared their love for each other and began dating again. With Suburban Filth no longer marketing her designs Brooke began selling her designs on a website with the help of Mouth and Haley. Her designs were immediately successful and she found herself accepted into the Rogue Vogue fashion show, not knowing Rachel submitted her in a ploy to get her away from the Sparkle Cheerleading Classic so Rachel could take over the squad. Brooke returned in time for the Classic and competed. During the school shooting when Jimmy Edwards took the tutor center hostage and Lucas and Peyton were trapped in the library Brooke spent time in the old gym and came to terms with the fact that she didn't know everyone in school and her guilt over that. She confronted a reporter who was using the event to get a salacious story. After the shooting Nathan and Haley decided to reunite completely and Brooke gave them back the apartment and moved in with Peyton. Brooke's rivalry with Rachel accelerated, nearly costing Brooke her friendship with Mouth. As Nathan and Haley prepared to renew their vows, Brooke served as maid of honor and also designed Haley's wedding dress and planned the rehearsal dinner. At the rehearsal dinner Peyton revealed to Brooke that she had feelings for Lucas but wouldn't act on them. At Nathan and Haley's wedding, Lucas revealed that while trapped in the library he and Peyton kissed. While looking through the purses for her own, Karen discovered a home pregnancy test in a purpose she believed may belong to Brooke.

Brooke and Peyton continued their senior year with the friendship in tatters and Brooke feeling more independent from Lucas. The school, because of Rachel, believed that Brooke was pregnant. Brooke moved in with Rachel, not wanting to live with Peyton anymore, and Rachel told her she'd make a terrible mother. Brooke wasn't pregnant, but was being a good friend and covering for Haley while she worked up the courage to tell Nathan. Brooke and Rachel grow closer as friends and Rachel encourages Brooke to party more. She sets her up on an online date with a man who turns out to be their new English teacher, Nick Chavez. Brooke and Nick continue to date and keep their relationship a secret until he cheats on her with a model from a fashion show Brooke takes part in. When Rachel discovers that Brooke is flunking calculus she puts together an elaborate scheme to get Haley to tutor her so she can get into the tutoring center and steal the answer key for the calculus test. Brooke and Peyton's friendship begins to repair when Lucas has a heart attack and Haley is hit by a car. Brooke and Rachel were caught by Principal Turner when they snuck into school at night to steal the calculus test. They cover by saying they're joining Clean Teens, a group committed to abstinence until marriage. Brooke meets Clean Teen and new student Chase Adams and immediately likes him. When he sees her good grade on the calculus test he asks her to tutor him and she agrees. He finds out she lied but forgives her and asks her to the prom. Rachel takes the fall when the school starts investigating the missing calculus test, leading Haley to get fired from tutoring. When Nathan throws a party to belatedly celebrate the Ravens winning state, a tape is discovered from two years earlier of Brooke and Nathan having sex. Peyton is furious with Brooke and punches her, upset that Brooke ended their friendship over her having feelings for Lucas when Brooke slept with Nathan when he was still with Peyton. The rift doesn't last for long, though, when Brooke comes to rescue Peyton when she's held hostage by Peyton's stalker Ian Banks. However, Chase breaks up with Brooke. When the group goes to Texas to help Mouth after he's abandoned by Rachel, Brooke admits to Haley that it was she who stole the calculus test. Brooke and Peyton, still dealing with the aftermath of Ian Banks, move in together. Brooke and Chase reconnect as graduation comes closer. Brooke tells Principal Turner the truth but he lets her graduate with her friends and also allows Rachel to graduate. At the graduation party Rachel throws, Haley asks Brooke to be her son's godmother and Brooke and Chase have sex.

Four years after high school Brooke has become a very successful fashion designer and media mogul. She lives in New York but has a lonely life because all she does is work. At some point after high school Brooke brought her mother Victoria into the company to help with the business side of things. Brooke and Victoria don't get along and Victoria is distanced from her daughter. After talking with Peyton, Brooke returns to Tree Hill and buys a house and opens a new store for her company, Clothes Over Bros, in what used to be Karen's Cafe. She immediately bonds with her godson Jamie and reconnects with Haley, Nathan, Peyton and Lucas. Brooke begins flirting with bartender Owen. Owen accompanies Brooke to New York when she goes to help Rachel and helps her when she finds that Rachel has overdosed. Brooke brings Rachel back to Tree Hill and tries to help her, but Rachel disappears. Brooke also buys Peyton her own record company after Peyton has trouble breaking into the music industry in Los Angeles. Brooke begins to want to be a mother and tries to adopt but is turned down after the adoption agency representative talks to Victoria. Brooke, however, is asked to take in an infant who is in the country awaiting heart surgery. Brooke bonds with the little girl, Angie, and has a hard time letting go when it's time for her to return home.

While working in the store, Brooke catches a shoplifter who pushes her and knocks her down. That same night someone comes into the store and beats Brooke. Brooke goes to an unlikely source to confide in - Nathan's mother Deb. Brooke also goes to her own mother, thinking she may have had something to do with Brooke's attack. She hands the company over to Victoria and leaves. Brooke hides the attack from her friends and closes herself off from the people she loves. She begins to heal and meets Julian Baker, a producer who wants to make a movie about Lucas' novel. Julian is also Peyton's ex-boyfriend and he asks Brooke to design wardrobe for the movie. Haley found out that the girl who shoplifted from Clothes Over Bros. is a student in her class named Samantha Walker. When Haley finds out that Sam doesn't have anywhere to live she suggest Brooke take her in. Brooke eventually agrees and becomes a foster mother to Sam. She also begins to date Julian, taking things slowly and not reacting well when he admits that he's fallen in love with her. Brooke also gets to plan Peyton's wedding address as Peyton prepares to marry Lucas. Brooke continues to shy away from her feelings for Julian when her mother comes to Tree Hill and asks her to come back and work for the company. When Brooke starts getting letters from Sam's birth mom Victoria hides them so that they don't lose Sam. Brooke lets Sam choose for herself and has to say goodbye to Sam when she picks her birth mother. Victoria encourages Brooke to go after Julian and accept her feelings for him. Brooke also takes over majority control of her company.

Brooke and Julian established themselves in Tree Hill, but Julian was often away working on a movie. He was supposed to produce a movie in Australia, which would have kept him away for Tree Hill for months, but declined the job so that he could stay with Brooke. The two were living together when Brooke decided to hire actress Alex Dupres as the new face of Clothes Over Bros. Alex soon set her sights on Julian, who began working with her on a movie script she had written. Brooke was jealous and under a great deal of stress after finding out that she was unable to have children. She and Julian decided to take some time apart and Brooke focused on her work, starting a men's line for her company. She began working with a designer hired by Victoria named Alexander Coin. When Julian began directing his first movie, from the script he worked on with Alex, he asked Brooke to be the film's costume designer. Brooke and Julian began working their way back to each other after Brooke punched Alex because she thought she'd slept with Julian. Brooke and Julian got back together and she accompanied him to Utah for the premiere of the movie. After the movie was sold to a distributer, Julian proposed to Brooke and she said yes.

As Brooke and Julian celebrate their engagement, Brooke is arrested for committing fraud. After she's released, she finds out that Millie and Victoria agreed to lie to the investors. Faced with losing her company, Victoria assures her that it can be saved. Victoria goes to prison so that Brooke can keep her company. However, Brooke feels guilty for taking from her investors and gives them all their money back - costing her the company. Before she really has a chance to deal with losing her company, Julian's mother, Sylvia, comes to town and offers to help pay for the wedding. Brooke finds Sylvia's planning meddlesome and shuns her. However, when she finds out how hard Sylvia has been working to help with the wedding, Brooke relents. Though Brooke is disappointed that Peyton can't come to her wedding, she asks Haley to be her matron of honor. Brooke and Julian are married and easily settle into married life. With no job, Brooke finds herself a little bored and suggests that she, Haley, and Quinn dress as superheroes and help those in need. Brooke and Julian decide to adopt a baby and are chosen by a pregnant teenager to adopt their child. The girl, however, decides to keep the baby just as she delivers it. Brooke and Julian are heartbroken and Brooke accepts a job offer in New York City. As she's about to leave, Brooke hands the shop over to Haley, who decides to turn it in Karen's Café. Brooke decides that she and Julian should stay in Tree Hill when she finds out that she's pregnant. Brooke also decides to go into business with Haley at the café. After an accident at the café, Brooke gives birth to twin boys, Davis and Jude, prematurely. The twins are all right and go home with Brooke and Julian as one happy family.