About the Site

Making fun of Chad Michael Murray has always been a favorite pastime for us. When we saw a YouTube clip of a dog eating Dan’s heart we had to see for ourselves what kind of show would have such an absurd plot point. Naturally, we assumed a show starring Chad Michael Murray and featuring a heart-eating dog would be in the “so bad, it’s good” category. We decided to watch One Tree Hill … as a joke. At first we were skeptical, but the show quickly won us over and now we legitimately love it. Especially Nathan. (We still make fun of Chad Michael Murray.)

Who are We?

This site and the fanlistings hosted here are run by Julie, Meaghan, Morgan, and Bonster. We’ve been buddies for a long time but recently bonded even more over our shared love for One Tree Hill! Some of our other friends don’t understand, but we hope someday they will. You can also find us at crotchgroin.info!

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Huge thanks to OTH Caps, where we found most of the screencaps we use on this site. Much of this site would not exist, or would have taken much longer to create, if it weren’t for OTH Caps. Sometimes we also browse the screencaps for fun! (Other screencaps on this site were made by us.)

We must also mention the great blog Go Fug Yourself, whose authors love One Tree Hill (calling it “the secret greatest show on television”) and mocking CMM, and where Julie first saw the video of the dog eating Dan’s heart that led to all of this.

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