Review: 8.18 – Quiet Little Voices

Posted by: Julie on May 7th, 2011

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So It’s Come to This: A One Tree Hill Clip Show

This episode was very disappointing, especially after the long hiatus! The bizarre trend of incredibly limited (non-flashback) Nathan and Haley scenes continues despite this being an episode about the birth of their child.

A few minutes into this episode, Brooke tells Julian that she doesn’t want to steal Haley’s thunder. Do you think Mark Schwahn realized the irony when he wrote that line? To be fair, Brooke the character didn’t steal Haley’s thunder at all. She was a great friend to not overshadow Haley’s day with her own excitement, and then sadness. The writing, on the other hand, put the focus on Brooke. I think the episode meant to contrast the two baby stories, but it failed. Nothing illustrates that more than the final scene of Brooke’s bittersweet introduction to Lydia. I’m not saying it was a bad scene — it was a good dramatic moment for Brooke. But by choosing that ending instead of showing Haley, Nathan, Jamie, and Lydia together, Lydia’s birth felt like part of Brooke’s story instead of a moment for the Scott family.

I would also say the flashbacks failed at lending any real emotion to the episode. One Tree Hill has a long history of using flashbacks as part of the narrative, but these scenes were too long and felt like filler rather than the characters’ memories. There were also some odd choices, like Dan and Nathan in the hospital and the montage of Haley being violent (I choose to believe that was inspired by this). Worst of all, the clips reminded me of when the show was better and made this episode seem worse in comparison.

I hate to be entirely negative. I liked the Brooke and Julian story, although it was predictable. I always like seeing Nathan with Jamie. I laughed at Clay spitting crackers. Jamie’s narration reminded me a little of Peyton. He seemed weirdly anxious about Haley and the baby being healthy! Maybe he remembers Aunt Peyton’s baby coma.