Review: 8.14 – Holding Out For A Hero

Posted by: Julie on February 14th, 2011

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I didn’t sit down to write an overwhelmingly negative review of this episode, but when I break it down I can’t help but be critical of almost everything. Mostly, I found the episode boring. Despite the unusual and ridiculous circumstances of Brooke, Haley, and Quinn spending most of the episode dressed as superheroes, the plots all felt predictable to me. The theme cover was terrible. The best part of the episode was definitely the fun visuals of the costumes.

B. Dazzle, Baby Mama aka Mastermind, and Shutterbug
This would be the o_O portion of the episode. I don’t know what to think about this. The costumes were fun and hilarious (“Brooke Davis makes top-of-the-line superhero apparel”), but the girls’ motivation was really questionable. I certainly appreciate and admire their desire to help, but it seemed very wrong for them to attack the bullies with more bullying. It felt like high school Brooke lashing out at Rachel — which was awesome back then, don’t get me wrong — but it didn’t feel right for this situation. These girls are much younger than she is. I also think the actual result of intercepting bullies while wearing superhero outfits would be to seriously embarrass their victim and set her up for even more bullying. So ultimately, I think the girls as superheroes plot failed, despite the fun visuals. If they had dressed up for a charity event, or an event at Jamie’s school, or even just for their own kicks, maybe it could have been more successful. I did like Nathan and Clay spotting the girls walking in front of the car and Brooke’s Clark Kent moment at the end. (I am concerned that Haley keeps violating the privacy of the crisis center callers — that doesn’t seem in character for her!)

Mia and Alex
This again? I’m bored with the fighting between Mia and Alex. This seemed like a good resolution to the drama, but so did the pie scene in the Thanksgiving episode yet here we are again. And we REALLY don’t need Alex to be Mia 3.0. I hope Mia goes on tour and disappears for a while.

Nathan and Clay
What the hell was this? Professor Kellerman is definitely an asshat, but Clay’s speech was ridiculous. Yes, he had a point, but his version of business is also pretty unrealistic. Nathan needs to stop making himself look like a dog-napping weirdo and beat Professor Kellerman by studying hard and acing his course!

Chase and Chuck
Is this really necessary? These two got like, ten times the screentime of Nathan and Haley. For what it was these scenes were okay, but I am just not interested (although I did laugh at Chase getting Chucked).

Julian and Mouth (and Millie)
This felt like filler even more than Chase and Chuck, although I kind of like Julian and Mouth as friends. It was completely obvious Mouth was going to be in the commercial (haha at Tree Hill College being THC). I like Millie so I’m glad to see her happy again, even if it is with Mouth the creeper.

My biggest gripe is my complete and utter lack of surprise at Nathan and Haley’s only scene together being a one minute (exactly, I clocked it) “end of the day” scene. When the show came back from the final commercial break with another Chase and Chuck scene, and then Alex and Mia, and then Mouth and Millie, and they still hadn’t had a scene together, I was starting to get angry. I’m really missing them lately. This couple is the heart of the show and I’m not tuning in to season eight to see minor characters. I don’t need every episode to be all about Nathan and Haley but they are certainly more important than this. We have seen almost no story regarding the new baby and Haley hasn’t been involved in Nathan’s return to school, which seems like a sadly missed opportunity to bring back tutor girl. I understand Bethany Joy Galeotti may be working less due to her pregnancy, but I haven’t really noticed her having reduced screen time. I hope we’ll get a lot more Nathan and Haley goodness coming up with the birth of their baby.