Review: 8.13 – The Other Half of Me

Posted by: Morgan on February 6th, 2011

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In response to Julie’s review for the previous episode, I do have experience with tongue piercings. I can tell you with certainty that even after removing the piercing after only a few hours, Quinn’s tongue would still be swollen. She would not be speaking normally. Oh, well.

Let’s begin with the people who aren’t Brooke and Julian. They aren’t that important in this episode, anyway. It’s all about Brooke and Julian. Mostly Brooke, though.

This is the kind of episode where I think shows take advantage of the fact that they can have everyone present. Even people who maybe don’t belong there? I specifically mean Mia and Chase. They just kind of filled time. Also, how rude is it that they got busy in the back of that limo? Very rude. They couldn’t find anywhere else?

Clay is back and Quinn’s confession to him seemed a little rushed. I don’t really want them to dwell on this any longer, but it still felt rushed and also out of place in this episode. I am enjoying Quinn’s friendship with Alex. I didn’t expect it, but it’s nice. I think they both needed a good, no drama friend. Especially Alex.

Given their past problems with addiction, should Millie or Alex really be drinking so much? This is two episodes in a row where they’ve been drinking. I know their problems were specifically with drugs, but I would think that avoiding alcohol would also be helpful for them.

Nice little nods to the past were present. Skills takes his wedding responsibilities seriously, which is good for a laugh. I enjoyed the mentions to past Tree Hill wedding disasters. I also think his attraction to Sylvia is hysterical.

I missed Peyton, but I don’t really feel like she was missing. If that makes any sense. I also liked that Brooke mentioned Sam. I also would have liked to have seen her there. She was such a champion for Brooke and Julian. Oh, well.

Where was Nathan in this episode? I realize he wasn’t part of the wedding party, but for two weeks now it just seems like Nathan has really taken a back seat. I miss him. He absolutely should have been there when Haley told Jamie that they were having a girl. Why wasn’t he? Where else would he have been? He was almost an afterthought through the entire episode.

How adorable was Jamie in this episode? Okay, he almost always is. I love that he quoted J.K. Rowling. Mostly, I love the friendship he’s formed with Julian. I’d like an animated gif of Jamie and Julian high fiving. I love that they brought that back. Jamie’s speech was precious. He was a great choice of best man.

One of my favorite things about the episode was the stuff between Haley and Brooke. I’ve always loved their friendship and one of my biggest gripes about season seven was that they weren’t in enough scenes together. This season has more than made up for that. Their scenes together were really nice in this episode, as was Haley’s toast. Although, as I recall, that one night during season one, Brooke was a bitch and high. So, I’m not sure Haley would come away from that wanting to be Brooke’s friend. Either way, it was a nice little nod to season one and the long history the characters share.

I loved everything about Brooke in this episode. The little nod to the red front door was great and a nice reminder for how far she’s come. I also loved seeing her dance to “Don’t You Forget About Me.” That was such a great Brooke moment in season six, so it was nice to see it again. The point is that we’ve watched Brooke go from being selfish and promiscuous to this great, selfless woman. She’s grown so much and not only has she yearned for this, but I think we as viewers have as well. It was time for Brooke to get the boy and to have nothing go wrong on her big day.

Everyone got along on her wedding day. Everyone set aside their differences. Paul and Sylvia took the time to set aside their differences. Although, it was funny when they were bickering. There was even some nice stuff between Brooke and Victoria. Occasionally, we see that Victoria does have a heart. It was so sweet that she walked Brooke down the aisle when her father didn’t show up. Did we really expect to see Brooke’s dad, though? I don’t think so. We haven’t seen him yet, so why now?

Julian’s entire purpose has basically been to be for Brooke. I like how he’s fit into life in Tree Hill, and even the ways he hasn’t fit in. He’s exactly the man that Brooke has always deserved. He’s the one who’s never tried to change her and who has stood by her through everything. I love them together and this was really a great episode for them. When we did 30 Days of One Tree Hill, I said that Brooke needed to be with a man who didn’t mind being known as Mr. Brooke Davis. So, I was amused when Brooke called him Mr. Davis as they drove off together. He’s completely comfortable with that role.

All in all, a great episode for Brooke. This has, thus far, been the season of Brooke Davis. I just hope that now we get to focus on other characters. Like Nathan and Haley as a couple.