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Review: 8.12 – The Drinks We Drank Last Night

Posted by: Julie on January 31st, 2011

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Finally, One Tree Hill is back after the dreaded winter hiatus! The last episode left us on a rather serious note and this one definitely does not pick up where we left off. I’m okay with that because I think we can fill in the blanks (but I suspect the hit-and-run driver will remain a mystery). I’ll be honest, I wasn’t really excited about the show ripping the premise of The Hangover because I think that movie is overrated. I ended up liking this spin on it more than I expected — the ladies of Tree Hill are way more likeable than the Hangover characters.

Watching the girls wake up was fun. Even better was the tattoo search (the “x-rated version of Where’s Waldo”) and the discovery of Millie’s hoe tag/tramp stamp. I liked Haley’s line “I have one!” and Millie spinning around trying to look at her back was funny. The tattoo was pretty horrible. I don’t know much about tattoos so I don’t know if that’s really what a fresh tattoo would look like the morning after, but hey, it’s TV. I’m less convinced Quinn would be fine after simply removing a new tongue piercing. But yes, it’s TV. I did like her super smeared lipstick.

The various flashbacks were all pretty fun, particularly the mechanical bull, Millie drinking out of the boot (eww, but lol!), and Sylvia’s keg stand. I figured the guy Brooke made out with would be Julian as soon as it was mentioned (it was a cute ending anyway). The investigative team of Brooke, Haley, and Sylvia was, unsurprisingly, awesome. I was surprised that Quinn was much more fun with Millie and Alex than she has possibly ever been with anyone else. I could have done without the Dave Navarro stuff, but it wasn’t as bad as I’d feared. Not that he did a terrible job, but I’m always embarrassed when shows integrate celebrities into the plot line and I was worried it would be 95% of the episode. I was glad he was only a small part of the crazy plot.

I loved the Brooke and Sylvia scene on the roof. Some of it was pretty mean, but for them to really get along I think they needed to get it out there. I like how their relationship has progressed and I think Sharon Lawrence is great on the show.

What the heck was this Dogust (Daugust?) and Nathan plot? I think it was a terrible idea for him to make himself look guilty of dognapping! I know they needed something for him to do but that was lame. I would have loved to see him help Haley work on the wedding. That would have been awesome.

I wish Peyton (and Lucas and Sawyer) could be at the wedding, and I do appreciate the show addressing her absence. The scene felt a little harsh to Peyton, but I don’t really think it was. The truth is she hasn’t been around. We as viewers know why she is gone, but I think it’s better for the show to address the reality of what Peyton’s absence means to Brooke rather than to pretend like nothing has changed. That said, I really think this situation would seem less harsh if the show had bothered to explain Lucas and Peyton’s absence in the first place. If they are in New Zealand with Karen and Andy (a reasonable guess, I suppose), then a flight to North Carolina would not be an easy journey.

On a final note, the theme cover by Tegan and Sara was one of the better covers… but that isn’t saying much. Almost all of the covers are so light. I’d like to hear a version with the energy of the original! Or preferably, just the original.

Middle Cyclone

Posted by: The Dantichrist on January 23rd, 2011

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We’re halfway through season eight! Have our wishes come true? For the most part, no — but there is still time, and we all feel this season is stronger than the last one. Here is our mid-season eight report card.