Review: 8.09 – Between Raising Hell and Amazing Grace

Posted by: Meaghan on November 28th, 2010

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I like holiday episodes a lot in general, and I felt this was a very good one. When Haley said people always show up, you knew of course that everyone would end up at casa de Hathan. It was nice to see all the characters together.

Are You Ready For Some Football? The best part of this was Alex clotheslining Mia. What a takedown! I laughed and laughed.

Meet the Parents. How long was Victoria’s prison sentence? Like two weeks? If that’s the typical sentence for duping your investors then I think the US justice system is sending the wrong message. I loved it when Sylvia and Victoria teamed up, but I couldn’t help thinking how much more fun those scenes would have been if a certain other wine-loving Tree Hill mother had been there. Yes, Deb’s presence was missed on this day. Obviously, an appearance by Dan would have been welcome too, especially if he ended up going home with Victoria.

Stop Your Crying. I’m Chase, wah wah. I got dumped by two hot girls, wah wah. I’m alone on Thanksgiving, wah wah waaaaah. Dude … get over it. At this point, Chase is so annoying that I was kind of upset to hear that Stephen Colletti has been made a series regular.

Too Many Cooks! The news about Colletti was also disappointing because this show just plain has too freaking many characters. As Katie Holmes told Michael Douglas in Wonder Boys (a classic movie you should all see, by the way), writers are supposed to make choices. You can’t include everything — it’s lazy. At some point, a minor character or two (or eight) is going to have to be dropped. Chase is incredibly dull and would have been a good candidate, in my opinion, but I guess the OTH producers felt differently.

Her? Oh yeah, Quinn came back. Apparently she’s going all Psycho Derek on Psycho Fake Sarah. OTH has a pretty solid history with crazy stalker storylines (with the possible exception of the Katie storyline, unfortunately) so this could be good. It might even make Quinn interesting. I would like to see her become as crazy as Nanny Carrie. Just have her totally lose it. I doubt that’s where they’re going, but I can dream.