Review: 8.07 – Luck Be a Lady

Posted by: Morgan on November 7th, 2010

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This was a nice, light episode. I really enjoyed seeing Brooke and Julian work on their wedding plans. I also liked seeing them work on them separately. Poker night was a lot of fun and I’ve wondered who Julian would pick for his best man. Honestly, the guy Julian is closest to in Tree Hill is actually Jamie. So, I think he should ask Jamie to be his best man. He should be part of the wedding party anyway, because he’s also very important to Brooke. In addition to this, as Meaghan pointed out, if Jamie’s in the wedding party there’s a lower risk of him being kidnapped.

This brings us to the wedding expo. I am glad that they’re delving a bit into Sylvia Baker’s drinking problem. Julian mentioned that his mother had problems and honestly, I thought she was dead from the way she spoke. This presents an interesting issue for Brooke and Julian though, if she keeps this from him for a while. Brooke needs to take a stand with Sylvia, though. She stood up to Victoria the last time she visited her in prison and after that, I think Brooke can stand up to anyone. She’s probably just worried about Julian.

Remember how wacky Haley’s hormones were after the Nathan-Brooke sex tape? Haley’s pregnancy hormones were a good time then and they were a good time now. She was hysterical at the expo and I loved it. I also thought she and Nathan were adorable in their unity over being screwups. It was nice to hear “always and forever.” It’s been a while.

One thing I didn’t like was Chase. He doesn’t like what Alex did, but that doesn’t give him to right to treat her so cruelly and to use Mia to do it. I’m glad both women slapped him. He had it coming to him.