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Review: 8.09 – Between Raising Hell and Amazing Grace

Posted by: Meaghan on November 28th, 2010

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I like holiday episodes a lot in general, and I felt this was a very good one. When Haley said people always show up, you knew of course that everyone would end up at casa de Hathan. It was nice to see all the characters together.

Are You Ready For Some Football? The best part of this was Alex clotheslining Mia. What a takedown! I laughed and laughed.

Meet the Parents. How long was Victoria’s prison sentence? Like two weeks? If that’s the typical sentence for duping your investors then I think the US justice system is sending the wrong message. I loved it when Sylvia and Victoria teamed up, but I couldn’t help thinking how much more fun those scenes would have been if a certain other wine-loving Tree Hill mother had been there. Yes, Deb’s presence was missed on this day. Obviously, an appearance by Dan would have been welcome too, especially if he ended up going home with Victoria.

Stop Your Crying. I’m Chase, wah wah. I got dumped by two hot girls, wah wah. I’m alone on Thanksgiving, wah wah waaaaah. Dude … get over it. At this point, Chase is so annoying that I was kind of upset to hear that Stephen Colletti has been made a series regular.

Too Many Cooks! The news about Colletti was also disappointing because this show just plain has too freaking many characters. As Katie Holmes told Michael Douglas in Wonder Boys (a classic movie you should all see, by the way), writers are supposed to make choices. You can’t include everything — it’s lazy. At some point, a minor character or two (or eight) is going to have to be dropped. Chase is incredibly dull and would have been a good candidate, in my opinion, but I guess the OTH producers felt differently.

Her? Oh yeah, Quinn came back. Apparently she’s going all Psycho Derek on Psycho Fake Sarah. OTH has a pretty solid history with crazy stalker storylines (with the possible exception of the Katie storyline, unfortunately) so this could be good. It might even make Quinn interesting. I would like to see her become as crazy as Nanny Carrie. Just have her totally lose it. I doubt that’s where they’re going, but I can dream.

Review: 8.08 – Mouthful of Diamonds

Posted by: Julie on November 21st, 2010

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This episode’s theme song was covered by Grace Potter. It sounds like a lovely cover but I’m really not a fan of the slower versions shown over the credits. It just doesn’t feel right!

I liked the episode, but it was kind of weird. Jamie has braces? Nathan replaces a basketball with a football? NO HATHAN SCENES?!

First off, why does Jamie have braces? He’s so young. I’m assuming Jackson needed them so they wrote it in, but I honestly don’t know. I’m just going to think that so it seems less weird. The braces are cute, though. Haley was great with the eyepatch, gag teeth, and glasses. She is a good mom. Jamie’s “dammit!” was funny.

So much football on One Tree Hill seems out of place! I like the idea of Nathan becoming an agent, but I’m honestly not sure if he has the personality for it. I can’t see him wheeling and dealing. He does seem good at talking to athletes and his experience as a player would be beneficial. Still, I found myself kind of bored with the scenes of Nathan and the potential football player. It was all a little too ideal. His switch from player to agent has happened so fast.

Likewise, I find myself a bit bored with Haley, Mia, and Erin. I’m glad Haley has moved past her depression and can use her experience to help Erin, but beyond that, this story so far is a Mia rehash. I don’t care for Mia so I’m definitely not interested in seeing Mia mentor Erin. Yeesh.

The Brooke scenes, however, did not disappoint. I’ve been waiting for her to lash out at Sylvia and boy am I glad she got her feelings out. I couldn’t stand to see her grin and bear it for much longer! Of course Brooke Davis must plan her own wedding! And choose her own hand towels! And I’m glad they made up. I loved Brooke’s reaction when Sylvia mentioned the water balloon. “What is wrong with people?”

I loved the Brooke and Julian scenes too. This is really their season, isn’t it? I’m enjoying their relationship so much lately. He’s always ready to cheer her up. The end scene was so sweet when he put the camera down to sit next to her. I’m really ready for Brooke to feel happy and confident again.

“Suck it, soup!” That was funny. But how can Clay drive if he has that much trouble opening a can of soup? It’s a nice sentiment for him to visit Will’s grave, but it also reminds me that they met in some sort of dream world and I’d rather forget that. I’ve also totally forgotten about Quinn in her absence.

In conclusion, not one of my favorite episodes this season, but still entertaining. I’m looking forward to where all of these plots are going, especially the Brulian wedding.

Review: 8.07 – Luck Be a Lady

Posted by: Morgan on November 7th, 2010

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This was a nice, light episode. I really enjoyed seeing Brooke and Julian work on their wedding plans. I also liked seeing them work on them separately. Poker night was a lot of fun and I’ve wondered who Julian would pick for his best man. Honestly, the guy Julian is closest to in Tree Hill is actually Jamie. So, I think he should ask Jamie to be his best man. He should be part of the wedding party anyway, because he’s also very important to Brooke. In addition to this, as Meaghan pointed out, if Jamie’s in the wedding party there’s a lower risk of him being kidnapped.

This brings us to the wedding expo. I am glad that they’re delving a bit into Sylvia Baker’s drinking problem. Julian mentioned that his mother had problems and honestly, I thought she was dead from the way she spoke. This presents an interesting issue for Brooke and Julian though, if she keeps this from him for a while. Brooke needs to take a stand with Sylvia, though. She stood up to Victoria the last time she visited her in prison and after that, I think Brooke can stand up to anyone. She’s probably just worried about Julian.

Remember how wacky Haley’s hormones were after the Nathan-Brooke sex tape? Haley’s pregnancy hormones were a good time then and they were a good time now. She was hysterical at the expo and I loved it. I also thought she and Nathan were adorable in their unity over being screwups. It was nice to hear “always and forever.” It’s been a while.

One thing I didn’t like was Chase. He doesn’t like what Alex did, but that doesn’t give him to right to treat her so cruelly and to use Mia to do it. I’m glad both women slapped him. He had it coming to him.