Review: 8.06 – Not Afraid

Posted by: Meaghan on October 24th, 2010

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Back when we were doing our 30 Days of OTH meme, I wrote about my love of episodes where people dress up in costumes, so of  course I enjoyed this week’s Halloween-themed episode. I thought it was overall a fun episode, with a few developments that could lead to interesting things in the future. A few thoughts:

Motherboy: North Carolina. Julian and his mom’s “couples” costume was very … special. From the sound of things, this is pretty typical of their relationship. I could have sworn we were told in season 7 that Julian’s mom killed herself, but I guess I was wrong. Unless … there really are zombies in Tree Hill!? It will be interesting to see how problematic she becomes for Brooke and Julian, but for this week all I can think about is the matching costumes, which made me think of Arrested Development. Julian’s hilarious high five later on in the episode was also rather Bluth-esque. I would like to see his take on the chicken dance next.

Mad About the Boy. How inappropriate is Don Draper as a costume for Nathan? Don Draper is, in my opinion, one of TV’s least likeable characters. He treats women like garbage, is an inadequate father, and basically, couldn’t be any less Nathan-like if he tried. Nathan is positively angelic by comparison. But he did look great in the suit, and I suppose having him dress as a pitch man made sense given his pitch to the holdout quarterback. As a sports fan, I find sports agents inherently unlikeable; however, the show seems to be keeping with its often repeated idea that sports can be uplifting and inspiring by trying to make Nathan and Clay into agents who actually aren’t complete douchebags. How unrealistic.

Bad Romance. Millie telling Mouth “I’m a free bitch, baby” was one of the lines of the night. I still really don’t care about them, and I kind of hope they don’t get back together because Millie could do better, but that was a good moment.

Something Wicked This Way Comes! Jamie, Madison, and Chuck were adorable as Harry, Hermione, and Ron. I love Harry Potter, so that made me go awwwwww.

Do I Dazzle You? Clay’s Edward Cullen costume was hilarious, if perhaps not quite sparkly enough. Quinn wins the award for lamest costume of the night, but her nightmare in which Tree Hill gets taken over by zombies was entertaining. I like how Quinn is traumatized by a violent incident … so Clay sends her to South Africa, a country with an incredibly high violent crime rate, where about 30% of women have been raped. Yeah, that should be a  huge comfort to her. Does this mean Quinn will be away for a while? I wouldn’t mind.