Review: 8.05 – Nobody Taught Us To Quit

Posted by: Julie on October 19th, 2010

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Dear Lucas,

This “Dear Lucas” thing is getting kind of cheesy. If they are going to continue doing this, I’d like to see Brooke texting Peyton, or writing an email, or leaving a voice mail. The opening song was … weird. I must confess these covers do nothing but make me want to hear the original.

What comes next? Tree Hill is starting to feel like a more positive place, even with the heavy subjects of Brooke losing Clothes Over Bro’s and Nathan giving up his basketball career. There was lots of great character interaction in this one and more smiles than we’ve seen in a while.

If you had told me last season — or even at the very beginning of this season — that Nathan would give up basketball, I would have been really disappointed. We’ve seen him work so hard for so long to make it to the NBA, and to take that away does feel like losing a vital aspect of the show. One Tree Hill without basketball? Unthinkable! But I’m okay with it now. He did some soul searching and it feels like the right thing for him to do given his situation. I like that they are bringing up little things like Jamie seeing the wheelchair and being worried his dad will go into another dark hobo Jesus phase. I think whatever Nathan does, he will still be involved with basketball somehow. Maybe he’ll continue working with Clay. Speaking of which, I really enjoyed the scene between Nathan and Clay in the hospital. Clay owning the applesauce was cute. I like Clay, and I like his friendship with Nathan. Nathan helping Clay be an agent while he recovers should be fun to watch.

I still feel bad for Brooke. She seems depressed and not her usual self lately, which is understandable of course. Victoria sure knows how to push her buttons and I really want Brooke to work through some of her mommy issues. I’m hoping losing her company will give her new creative motivation. I have no doubt Brooke could regain her success, and maybe this time she’ll do it on her own terms. (But I hope she continues to visit Victoria in prison, because Victoria in prison is comedy gold.)

I loved the scene at the pool table with Nathan and frisky Haley and then Nathan reminding Brooke she has a friend who really, really understands her crazy parent in prison/giving up the dream situation. I want to see more of Nathan and Brooke being friends!

How beautiful did Brooke and Haley look in the scene near the end, sitting beneath the counter at Clothes Over Bro’s? It was distracting! I love the Brooke and Haley bonding that’s happening this season, but the “bros over clothes” bit was kind of sad simply because it’s so far removed from the spirit in which the company was started. But hey, still good advice for Brooke at this time in her life. Julian is just awesome this season. He’s so supportive of Brooke and I love them together. I’m also glad he’s getting more interaction with the other characters as he shoots his documentary. It makes him feel more like part of the group.

I was often bored with the Clay and Quinn hospital drama. I’m glad that’s over, but the scene of them leaving the hospital was quite nice. I liked that Jamie got to throw his confetti and Nathan looked so cute and happy in that scene. I’m surprised Clay and Quinn would want to move back into the beach house, and of all things, sleep in the room where they were shot! Especially with crazy Katie (presumably) still on the prowl. Surely that giant house has another bedroom! Maybe one without giant glass doors. I certainly wouldn’t be sleeping there.

I still don’t care much about Chase, Alex, and Mia. Especially Mia. I will say the setup for the Life Unexpected crossover was not bad. I was afraid it would be something weirdly forced into the episode, but it made sense. I watched the Life Unexpected episode and was amused by the various WB/CW stars but mostly confused and I fast forwarded through some of it (I’ve never watched it before). I know the similarities between Haley and Shiri Appleby’s characters were supposed to be cute, like getting pregnant in high school by athletes named Nate/Nathan, but it just made me think Life Unexpected failed at being original. I doubt I’ll watch LUX again (if it’s even on much longer…), but it was fun to have a little bonus Haley James Scott after watching One Tree Hill.

I really enjoyed this episode. I look forward to what comes next!