Review: 8.04 – We All Fall Down

Posted by: Morgan on October 11th, 2010

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I think this one’s mostly filler. Well, not entirely. Parts of it felt that way, though.

I specifically refer to Chase and Alex. We’ve been vocal in our thoughts on a potential triangle between Mia, Chase, and Alex. Mia was not in this episode, but I sort of feel the same way as this. I do love Alex. She was easily their best new character to come from season seven. I just don’t think we needed to see so much of Alex and Chase playing golf. Not when there are more important things going on. For the first half of the episode, I really felt like they were taking away from one very important thing going. I mean Nathan.

Since the first season, we’ve watched Nathan work toward his goal of making it to the NBA. So, the decision to leave the league deserves more than I think it got in this episode. As I said in my opening sentence, this episode did almost feel like a filler. So, maybe we’re being set up to see more of Nathan’s struggle with his decision. It’s a big one for him and for his family.

I loved everything with Brooke in this episode. Her story and Nathan’s parallel. Both went after a dream and now they’re losing it, but for different reasons. Brooke’s decision to hand over everything she has is something that Brooke would do. But, it did make me think about Brooke when we first met her. Remember her struggles to adjust to a less extravagant lifestyle in season two? Now she’s giving it up willingly. I’m glad she has Julian through all of this.

Speaking of, that whole Sensitive Julian thing on Twitter is making a lot of sense now. Have he and Haley every actually shared a scene together, just the two of them? I don’t think so. But, it’s nice seeing Julian interact with Haley and Nathan. They started to do that last season, so I’m glad they’re working in it more.

I really don’t have much to say about Haley working at the call center. I’m glad she’s doing it. What hit me, though, is how timely it is that we have a character who wants to reach out to people and let them know that things will get better. Both Sophia Bush and Bethany Joy Galeotti have been a bit vocal about the recent suicides among teens as a result of bullying. Seeing a beloved Tree Hill character encourage people after having been down herself is nice, given the increase in what’s been happening.

Clay and Quinn weren’t in this episode much. What hasn’t been dealt with from their shooting is Katie. Is she still out there? Have they caught her?

This episode wasn’t bad, but it’s not a favorite. That’s not to say I didn’t enjoy it. It’s One Tree Hill, of course I enjoyed it. It just felt more like it was a step toward stories rather than telling actual stories for several characters.

The theme for this episode was performed by Susie Suh, who has a long history with the show. We figured after Kate Voegele’s that most versions would be in that low key tempo. I liked it better than Patrick Stump’s.

I’m stealing Julie’s favorite quote feature.

Victoria: I’ve been told I’m going to have mad street cred when I get up out of here.