Review: 8.03 – The Space in Between

Posted by: Meaghan on October 3rd, 2010

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Another coma-centric episode! But this one got things rolling with a few big developments from Victoria, Nathan, and Clay.

Spoilers from this point forward!

Patrick Stumped. I wasn’t wowed by this week’s “I Don’t Want to Be” cover. When it first started my reaction was something like “AGH, what is that?!” By the end, my ears had adjusted and I was more okay with it. Still, I don’t think it’ll end up being my favourite.

My Mother the Con. Well, it seemed pretty clear that Brooke would not actually be going to prison but I guess someone had to, so Victoria has taken the fall to spare her daughter. This speaks to the development of her character: try to imagine the Victoria we first met in season 5 — the one who told Brooke she wished she’d never had a daughter — ever doing something like this. You can’t. Yet, when she does it now, it seems perfectly natural. I’m sad to think we may not see Victoria for a while, but the country club prison might be a nice break for her. Plus, this just gives her more in common with Dan, and common ground can only help them get their inevitable epic romance started.

What, No Flying V Reference? I’m not a big Mouth fan so I’m hoping he won’t have a major storyline this season, but I really enjoyed his podcast and the device of the sports movie analogies, possibly because I love sports movies.

Take My Kidney, Please! Ever since we saw Nathan with the doctor in 8.01 I’ve been thinking he would probably give up his NBA career because of his back. I’m a little sad about that, but I also think in a way it was the journey to the NBA that was important for him. The reason Hobo Jesus Nathan was so bitter was that he had to give up basketball against his will. He got past that and proved he could play at the highest level, even after his injury, and he seems at peace with the idea of giving it up now. This decision would make me happy as a Haley fan who would like to see her be more than just the wife in the stands. It’s her turn to be the cool one.

Where There’s a Will, There’s a Kidney. Really, the idea of shared coma dream guy Will giving up his kidney so Clay could live is pretty darn cheese-tastic. It’s also the kind of cheese-tastic One Tree Hill does so very, very well. I loved it.