Review: 8.02 – I Can’t See You, But I Know You’re There

Posted by: Julie on September 26th, 2010

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My initial reaction to this episode is not an overwhelmingly good one: I think it was one of the most pointless episodes in One Tree Hill history. I’m not saying I totally hated it — it’s One Tree Hill and I like watching it — but I found myself bored during the excessive amount of Clay and Quinn scenes and ready to move on from sad story lines. This episode didn’t build on last week’s superior episode so much as drag it out without giving us much new information.

Spoilers from this point forward!

Poor Haley. I’m sad she is the one who discovered Clay and Quinn, but I think the scene was well done with the shaky and out-of-focus shots. And what a gruesome scene it was! I can’t believe how long they were there bleeding before she found them! And how horrible for Haley to be waiting alone in the hospital before Brooke and Nathan got there, but I’m happy we got several shared Haley, Brooke, and Nathan scenes. The scene of Nathan and Haley in the church was also nice, although sad. I wonder when Katie will turn up again.

Who knew Clay and Quinn could take up so much screen time even in a coma? My biggest problem with this storyline is that it seems so pointless: I absolutely don’t think Quinn or Clay will die, so I’m frustrated with it being dragged out. I just don’t think the show would go there after Haley’s mother dying and the depression story line and I want Haley to be happy again. I’m not invested enough in Clay or Quinn as characters to be terribly moved by all the hospital speeches. To put it in perspective, imagine Nathan giving a similar speech to Lucas, or Haley to Brooke. It would be so much more powerful, right? Clay and Quinn haven’t been around long enough to earn all this emotion and I don’t think their relationship is established enough to carry the weight of the dream scenes. (Which, by the way, I prefer to think are just Quinn’s dream. I know this is One Tree Hill, but a shared dream is too out there for me.)

Of course Mouth would go around asking his friends for a job! LOL! A job he will inevitably quit. Aside from that, this was the most enjoyable Mouth has been in a long time. The banter with Chase was actually quite funny, especially the bit with the cherry stem. Alex continues to be fun and I’m surprised how much I liked the scenes with Alex and Chase. Chase and Mia? Not so much. I really do not care for Mia and I’m glad the Alex/Mia/Chase triangle, if it has to exist, has been set up so I can root for Alex. Team Alex, all the way.

Poor Brooke. I hope she doesn’t lose her company, but I’m also wondering the point of this story line. We’ve already seen her stand up to Victoria so that is nothing new. Millicent is being awfully flippant about the situation. I’ll reserve judgment until this story unfolds a bit more. It’s nice Julian is so supportive of Brooke and taking care of Jamie. The Julian and Jamie scenes were fun, especially at the batting cages. I liked them together in the Utah episode and I’m glad they were paired up again.

Random Observations
Haley, Quinn, and Brooke have the same hair.
Speaking of hair, Jamie’s greased up old man hair style is very weird.
I love having the credits back, but Kate Voegele’s cover of the theme was not a great fit. I hope the other covers are less acoustic.

Favorite Quote
“If you really like the new baby, can I have Jamie?” – Brooke