Review: 8.01 – Asleep at Heaven’s Gate

Posted by: Morgan on September 20th, 2010

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We have a new feature here at It Was Just a Joke! We had so much fun with 30 Days of One Tree Hill that we wanted to post more. So, for season eight, we’ll be trying (operative word is trying) to post a small review for each week’s episode! We’ll be taking turns and we have no set format. So, hopefully we can keep up with this and we hope you enjoy. Without further ado, the first review!

Spoilers from this point forward!

If you’re familiar with this blog, you’re familiar with our feelings about season seven. To put it simply, it was overcrowded. I’ll admit, when I saw so many faces in the opening credits, I was a little worried that we may be in for more of the same. I was happy to find that my worries were for naught. This felt like a return to form. This felt like what the show should have felt like last year. By that, I mean that most of the focus felt like it was on Brooke, Nathan, and Haley. Obviously, other characters were involved, but this absolutely felt like the focus was on those three.

Those supporting characters did exactly what supporting characters should do – they supported the main cast. The focus felt so much like it was on those main three, along with Julian and Jamie, that I really didn’t mind the others as much as I did when it felt like they were taking over. I still don’t want a triangle between Mia, Chase, and Alex, but their scenes didn’t feel as intrusive as they did last season.

With the focus on the main three, it felt like Clay and Quinn were set aside, left bleeding on the floor. Which they were. The drama between those two also took up a lot of time and more is obviously being set up. As long as things keep going the way they did in this premiere, I’ll be okay with that.

To bring up the focus on the main three again, I feel like the show has realized what didn’t work last season. I also think they’re preparing for the end. Or rather, The End. Which brings me to my next subject. The opening credits! I’ve missed them. What a great shot of nostalgia to see clips from the early seasons of the show. I’m looking forward to seeing how other artists perform the theme.

All in all, a strong start to the season and hopefully that means great things for the coming season.