To Wish Impossible Things

Posted by: The Dantichrist on September 14th, 2010

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The premiere of season eight is only hours away. We had a great time going through 30 Days of One Tree Hill, but now we look ahead. As you know from reading our recent posts, season seven was not our favorite. So, we have a wishlist! We hope these aren’t actually impossible things.

Season Eight Wishes:

  • Dan Scott left on a bus to God knows where. Well, now we’d like to know where. Bring back the Dantichrist!
  • Deb Scott. Or is it Lee now? Either way, we’d like an appearance from her.
  • Chris Keller was last seen in Honey Grove, TX and that felt like an ending. But imagine the possibilities of putting Chris Keller in a scene with Jamie Scott!
  • And on that note, Kanye West goes on tour with Chris Keller. The tour stops in Tree Hill. Amazingness ensues. Come on, you know you want it to happen.
  • Seriously, though, less screen time for minor characters. Key word is minor. That means long time characters like Mouth and Skillz, along with newer characters like Mia and Chase. As much as we love Alex, this also means her. So, you can skip the Mia/Chase/Alex triangle. As for Miranda and Grubbs, you don’t need them back. Especially not when they take the focus away from the main characters.
  • Brooke Davis cannot get married without P. Sawyer there. We’d also like to see Sam there. She is one of Brulian’s strongest supporters.
  • Brooke and Julian can adopt all the children in the world, but no miracle pregnancy — it would be too cheesy.
  • More Nathan and Haley as a couple. Yes, we mean that.
  • Nathan and Haley’s daughter should be named Julie Meaghan Morgan James Scott. ;)
  • At least one of our wonderful suggestions to be used as an episode title.

*This entry is named after a song by The Cure.