30 Days of One Tree Hill: Day 30

Posted by: The Dantichrist on September 13th, 2010

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Well, our thirty days now comes to a close. Several categories have created a challenge for us to think of just the right answers, but none so much as this last category. What makes One Tree Hill so great? Well, here’s what we think. And if that isn’t enough, watch the show and find out for yourself!

What makes One Tree Hill so great? It’s impossible to pick one reason, but I’ll start with the characters. For a show with such fantastical plots, the core characters remain surprisingly grounded, and I think that’s why the crazy plots work so well. One Tree Hill is a fantasy world where it seems normal for teenagers to get married, everyone is wildly successful after high school, and a dog eats a heart meant for a transplant patient, but it’s easy to relate to the characters because they are fully-developed, multi-faceted people and their relationships and emotions are presented in a rather realistic way. Realism aside, the crack element of One Tree Hill is tons of fun. Dan Scott as the scheming villain is probably my favorite example but I also love that the characters have big dreams like being in the NBA, being a rock star, or being a fashion designer, and it seems totally natural within the realm of the show when they all achieve these goals. The show has a lot to say about chasing your dreams and being true to yourself and that message shines through the wackiest of plots.

One Tree Hill is great for so many reasons. It’s quite hard to narrow it down to just three, but I will try. First, strong, OTH presents well-developed female characters and friendships between women which are portrayed fully and treated with respect. The show passes The Bechdel Test with flying colours. Haley, Peyton, and Brooke are characters female viewers can relate to and enjoy. Second, Nathan and Haley are one of the best TV couples ever. I’ve loved watching their relationship develop, and as I said in our Best Nathan and Haley Moment post, they make me feel better about life. I don’t know why, but they do. In Tree Hill, two teenagers can get married during their junior year of high school, have a baby by graduation, and manage to make their marriage work through a whole lot of drama. It’s a beautiful thing. It also leads well into my third point about why OTH is so great: the crack. It is a wacky show. Nathan and Haley’s story makes no sense, but on OTH it works. Think about the original characters: an NBA player, a rock star, a successful fashion designer … Lucas (a published author) and Peyton (who runs her own record label) are the least successful. It’s insane. Then there’s Dan, who is probably one of the most outlandishly evil villains in the history of non-sci-fi-or-fantasy TV, and ridiculous but fun incidents like Nathan and Chris Keller’s riverboat gambling adventure, or — the ultimate example — the dog eating Dan’s heart. It was the dog eats heart incident that first prompted us to watch the show. Our feeling was that a show which could produce such a moment, and not in a dream sequence or anything, might be worth seeing. We were right.

Well, first things first. It’s difficult to encompass the greatness of One Tree Hill in only three screen captures. One of my favorite things about the show is not specifically within the show. Julie, Meaghan, and I were already good friends. We’ve really bonded over One Tree Hill, though. Without the show, we’d still be great friends, but it’s great that we found the show together. It’s made our friendship even better than it already was. Now, within the show. It’s a pretty insane show and it knows it. It embraces just how outlandish it really is. Despite those outlandish plots, the characters are real and they manage to root the show. These are characters I want to see succeed. When they do, I cheer for them. When heartbreak hits them, I sympathize with them and I went it to be better. It’s a nice little show and I’m happy to have it. Actually, I think if you want to know how great the show is, you get great photographic proof from our header images.

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