30 Days of One Tree Hill: Day 29

Posted by: The Dantichrist on September 12th, 2010

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Nathan, Nathan, Nathan. So hot, with his shirtlessness and his good arms to have, and that whole being a basically perfect man thing doesn’t hurt either. We love him so much we had to give him two categories: we’ve already covered the most awesome Nathan moment; now we bring you the sexiest because, as we’ve discovered, no one says no to Sexy Nathan.

Julie: Nathan Jumps In the Bathtub Fully Clothed in 3.14 – All Tomorrow’s Parties
In this scene, Nathan manages to be both incredibly sexy and adorable — even with all of his clothes on. Shirtless Nathan certainly has his merits, but he’s so spontaneous and silly and clearly happy to be with Haley in this scene that it is my pick for sexiest Nathan moment (and one of my very favorite Nathan and Haley scenes)!

Meaghan: 3.20 – Everyday is a Sunday Evening
I suppose it’s cheating to pick an entire episode for this category, but … it’s a really, really sexy Nathan episode. We see him at his cocky, brilliant best on the basketball court. He gets stitched up in the locker room and returns to the game in dramatic fashion, making an epic no-look free throw to win the game for the Ravens and completely humiliate his rival, Damien West. It’s hot. (He’s also flirting with Haley while all this is going on, which is pretty hot too.) All this plus a bathtub scene. He told her he was sexy. No one disagreed.

Morgan: Nathan Goes to Haley in 4.11 – Everything In Its Right Place
Nathan has spent a lot of time apologizing to so many people, but I find it sexy the time he intentionally doesn’t apologize. He does apologize for lying to Haley. But he will not apologize for being the guy who does what it takes to protect his wife and their son. He’s never going to be the guy who won’t protect them. Obviously, Nathan makes some unwise decisions, but it’s a very conscious move to not apologize for being who he is. It’s sexy. Haley agrees, because she loves every version of him and just wants to go home with him.

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