30 Days of One Tree Hill: Day 28

Posted by: The Dantichrist on September 11th, 2010

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Music is a very important part of One Tree Hill and it just wouldn’t be the same show without the many montages and codas set to music, not to mention Haley’s singing career, Peyton’s passion for music, characters like Chris Keller, Mia, and Grubbs, and all of the artist appearances at Tric. Here are our favorite uses of music on the show.

Julie: Disintegration by Jimmy Eat World in 3.09 – How a Resurrection Really Feels
This song plays when Lucas reveals to Deb that he knows she tried to kill Dan. I think it’s used brilliantly over the montage of scenes flashing back to that night at the dealership interspersed with scenes of Dan giving his mayoral victory speech. I love the juxtaposition of Dan’s speech (“You can’t kill Dan Scott!”) with images of his wife trying to murder him. The lyrics fit so well with the resentment in their relationship and the music makes this scene so much more powerful.

Meaghan: Pictures of You by The Cure in 6.21 – A Kiss to Build a Dream On
This was a hard choice to make! There are so many great musical OTH moments. Pictures of You is a song I really love, though, and I think its use over the coda scenes of A Kiss to Build a Dream On really enhances the mood. The Cure is such a fitting band to represent Lucas and Peyton’s depressing relationship, and this song calls back nicely to Peyton’s drawings of their history for the baby’s sad box of stuff. It’s got a feeling of nostalgia to it and it’s all about missing someone, so I think it suits Lucas and Peyton’s emotions as they wonder whether she’ll live to see their daughter.

Morgan: Babe I’m Gonna Leave You by Led Zeppelin in 3.22 – The Show Must Go On
You can tell this is going to be an epic episode because it’s named after a Queen song. Let’s take a moment to acknowledge that only two primetime shows have ever been granted licensing to use a Led Zepplin song. One was The Sopranos. The other? One Tree Hill. It’s used so well. The song itself builds to its end. The action in the episode also does from Rachel and Cooper’s confrontation, Karen revealing she’s pregnant, Lucas realizing someone else is pregnant, Haley needing to tell Nathan something, and then finally the accident. I also love that the lyric, “you make me happy every single day, but now I’ve got to go away.” It’s a reminder of 3.17 – Who Will Survive, and What Will Be Left of Them when Nathan tells Haley that he wants her to know that if anything ever happens to him, she’s made him happy. Then, as this song plays, something is about to happen to him and he may have to go away. Great, great moment.

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