30 Days of One Tree Hill: Day 26

Posted by: The Dantichrist on September 9th, 2010

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In the great tradition of Melrose Place, The O.C., and other illustrious primetime soaps, One Tree Hill has a fantastic history of over-the-top (sometimes hilarious) violence. The best example (in our opinion) is this one.

Julie: The Basketbrawl in 3.05 – A Multitude of Casualties
It’s appropriate that this scene starts off with Dan yelling “Let the madness begin!” The midnight madness brawl is definitely the funniest fight of the show and everyone gets a piece of the action. The verbal fighting between Rachel and Brooke is hilarious. “This isn’t the pole dancing you do on weekends!” I always laugh when Nathan and Lucas come busting out on to the court fighting, and then the whole team starts fighting, and then the cheerleaders all start fighting. “Maybe someone was being a full-on diva skank!” Even the mascot isn’t safe from the madness.

Meaghan: The Basketbrawl in 3.05 – A Multitude of Casualties
Lucas and Nathan fighting each other on the basketball court before the home opener would have been pretty awesome on its own. Throw in the rest of the basketball team and a giant catfight involving the entire cheerleading squad, and you’ve got one of the most epic funny fight scenes in television history.

Morgan: The Basketbrawl in 3.05 – A Multitude of Casualties
Everyone gets a chance to take a swing! What a great way to start out the senior year basketball season! It would be one thing just for the team to fight, but then the cheerleaders get in on the action. And the mascot. All of this makes for the best brawl in Tree Hill history. Honorable mention to Peyton and Brooke vs. Psycho Derek in season four.

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