30 Days of One Tree Hill: Day 20

Posted by: The Dantichrist on September 3rd, 2010

Filed under: Memes

Tree Hill is a town full of angst and sadness, it’s true. However, there’s a whole lot of comedy to help lighten things up, as evidenced by the fact that we each chose a different episode for this category. Behold the One Tree Hilarity!

Julie: 3.07 – Champagne For My Real Friends, Real Pain For My Sham Friends
This is one of my favorite episodes and it has a lot of funny scenes: the opening dream sequences, Haley and Brooke double dating with Nathan and Chris Keller (who steals coins from the mall fountain), Skills getting Notebooked, Brooke and Chris Keller getting drunk, and of course Deb and Karen vandalizing the Dan Scott for Mayor billboard and getting stuck. I also find the ending scene when Lucas discovers Chris Keller in bed with Brooke hilarious, even though it’s probably not meant to be.

Meaghan: 3.18 – When It Isn’t Like It Should Be
Bevin and Skills are very funny, Pete from Fall Out Boy is also very funny, and the whole ring stealing fiasco amuses me. Those are the reasons this is my choice, and if you don’t like it you can go Brooke yourself.

Morgan: 3.06 – Locked Hearts and Hand Grenades
The cheerleaders are fighting, so Brooke decides to have a fantasy boy draft. Basically, she decides the cheerleaders should treat the guys of Tree Hill High (and Chris Keller) like pieces of meat up for auction. And then guys are totally into it. It’s a ridiculous premise, but it never fails to entertain.

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