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30 Days of One Tree Hill: Day 12

Posted by: The Dantichrist on August 26th, 2010

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When the three of us began watching One Tree Hill, we never really expected to love Brooke Davis as much as we do. As you might imagine, it was difficult picking her best moment because there’s just so many of them. It speaks highly for this specific moment, though, that we all chose the same one. Brooke Davis really is one in a million and for at least one teenage girl, she changed the world.

Julie: Brooke Takes Down Jack’s brother in 6.13 – Things a Mama Don’t Know
Brooke Davis doesn’t panic when she realizes Jack’s brother is her attacker. She immediately goes back to his house and kicks the crap out of him! This scene is such an excellent emotional convergence of the negatives from the attack and the positives from Brooke’s relationship with Sam. Brooke has so much hatred and anger for her attacker, but her love for Sam keeps her focused on what matters: he isn’t worth any more of her time.

Meaghan: Brooke Takes Down Jack’s brother in 6.13 – Things a Mama Don’t Know
One of the things I like about this is how hard Brooke fights. This is no weeping Peyton who needs Lucas (or Brooke) to come rescue her from Psycho Derek. Brooke needs no one’s help. She completely subdues the guy before Julian arrives, and I really appreciate that. Brooke Davis is one of the more independent female characters on TV, and to have seen her rescued by a man would have been disappointing. I also really like that she backs down when Sam calls out to her, correctly telling her attacker: “You’re not worth it.”

Morgan: Brooke Takes Down Jack’s brother in 6.13 – Things a Mama Don’t Know
Seeing Brooke get beaten so badly in her store was hard. We saw those bruises for so long afterward and we watched Brooke retreat into herself. Then, she took in Sam. She loved Sam like she was her own. How could she have known that something Sam said led to her attack. When Sam was in danger, Brooke sprang into action like any mother would. She didn’t leave. Her instincts told her that Sam was there and needed her help. She didn’t back down. And she didn’t kill Jack’s brother. Brooke Davis is better than that. She’s a strong, independent, capable woman. Through dealing with the truth of her attack and what caused it, she put her feelings aside and did what needed to be done for Sam. She did what a mother would do.

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30 Days of One Tree Hill: Day 11

Posted by: The Dantichrist on August 25th, 2010

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Plenty of this type have visited Tree Hill over the past seven seasons. Troublemakers might include people like Rachel, Taylor, and Felix. The psychos are the ones who’ve essentially turned One Tree Hill into a slasher movie. They’re generally so crazy that you have to include the word “psycho” as a prefix when you mention their names. Here are our favourites.

Julie: Psycho Derek
The fact that One Tree Hill has multiple psychos to choose from is one of the many reasons I love it. Psycho Derek is just so … psycho. Pretending to be Peyton’s brother, stalking her, fake Peyton, the angel tattoo — he’s just straight up batshit crazy and legitimately creepy. As Morgan says, it was like a horror movie on One Tree Hill! Derek hit all the psycho stalker cliches and it was a lot of fun to watch the storyline unfold. The prom episode where Peyton and Brooke fight him off is awesome and one of the great girl power moments on the show.

Meaghan: Psycho Nanny Carrie
It’s like that YouTube fake trailer for the scary version of Mary Poppins came to life. She seemed so nice at first! But when she started flirting with Nathan it was obvious she was no good, and the famous shower scene revealed the depth of her evil. The fact that she was both evil and a complete lunatic didn’t become clear until she kidnapped Jamie from the wedding. All that stuff in season five pretty much pales in comparison to her storyline in season six, though, when she holds Dan hostage for days, or maybe weeks, after hitting him with her car and then goes after Jamie again. It all culminates in a slasher movie style cornfield chase and a truly fantastic ending where Dan shoots the axe-wielding Carrie just before she reaches Haley and Deb. Awesome.

Morgan: Psycho Derek
I’m amused that Psycho Derek is always referred to as Psycho Derek, even after we found out his name was Ian Banks. It’s not much much Psycho Derek himself that I love, but the story. It was like a horror movie, but it was One Tree Hill. It embraced all of the cliches, including its more than satisfying conclusion! Hos over psychos!

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30 Days of One Tree Hill: Day 10

Posted by: The Dantichrist on August 24th, 2010

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One Tree Hill has a lot of recurring characters. So many, in fact, that it says a lot about the awesomeness of Chris Keller that we all chose him. Chris Keller is pleased with these results.

Julie: Chris Keller
Chris Keller is a smarmy bastard who causes all sorts of trouble, and yet I always love it when he shows up even if I don’t love the trouble he leaves behind. How could someone who would do something so horrible as come between Nathan and Haley be much fun to watch? Maybe it’s because he’s such a fine dog paddler.

Meaghan: Chris Keller
Who is more entertaining than Chris Keller? Chris Keller says no one. Logically, I should hate him because he and his stupid duet almost broke up Nathan and Haley. But I’ve got to admit, the guy has charisma — lots of credit to Tyler Hilton for that — and in the end he did help Naley get back together so he wasn’t such a bad guy. Chris Keller is also hilarious: he’s responsible for some of the funniest lines and silliest situations in OTH history. Plus, it makes me laugh when Nathan punches him. Chris Keller’s work here is done.

Morgan: Chris Keller
Chris Keller was dog paddling just fine! Loving Chris Keller. Who would have thought? I don’t like when people try to come between Nathan and Haley and in season two, Chris Keller was one of those people. Then, he came back in season three and they played him for laughs. That worked like a charm, I think. I love seasons three and four Chris Keller. Tyler Hilton plays that comedy really well. Who knew Chris Keller would be so likable? I hope he appears once more before the show ends.

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30 Days of One Tree Hill: Day 9

Posted by: The Dantichrist on August 23rd, 2010

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We’ve decided to make this category “Favourite Tree Hill Parent Other Than Dan,” because Dan is so much more than just a Tree Hill parent. He’s a Tree Hill god. That being said, our favorite Tree Hill parent isn’t very far removed from Dan “The Dantichrist” Scott.

Julie: Deb
Deb and all the drama that surrounds her is hilarious. Maybe I shouldn’t laugh at her pain — I’m sure I’d go crazy too being married to The Dantichrist. It was just so entertaining!

Meaghan: Deb
Remember how normal Deb seemed at first? Yeah … well, being married to The Dantichrist would make anyone a little bit crazy. Or, you know, a lot crazy. She’s a fire loving, pill popping cougar who’s packin’ heat. If she’s not unconscious on the front lawn or escaping from a completely voluntary rehab clinic, she’s probably having internet sex with Skills or trying to kill her (ex-)husband. What’s not to love?

Morgan: Deb
I miss Deb. I love that she started out so normal. In season one, she was so normal. Then, in season two it was like a slow journey to the crazy train and I honestly don’t think she’s ever disembarked from that train. Her addiction was serious, it was played out seriously. Yes, there were laughs. There are always laughs with Deb. Now that she’s clean and healthy, she’s also surprisingly great for advice. I also think she’s a good parallel for Karen, considering they were in the same situation. Karen and Deb both shaped up, they raised their sons. But Deb then reverted back to behavior she might have been prone to had she not gotten pregnant and married so young. Deb never got the chance to be young, so she took it once her son emancipated herself and she got away from Dan. It just didn’t go well for her.

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30 Days of One Tree Hill: Day 8

Posted by: The Dantichrist on August 22nd, 2010

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There have probably been about a million different couples on One Tree Hill. With that much romancing going on, there had to be a few duds. Like these ones.

Julie: Mouth and Lauren
Does this even count? They were barely together, but this was just gross. So gross that despite their very limited time together they shoot to the top of my least favorite couple list. Mouth is already a creep and has weird ideas about relationships so I wasn’t surprised when he went after his best friend’s newly ex-girlfriend, but I didn’t expect it from Lauren. It felt like a cheap move to keep her character around and a nasty betrayal on both of their parts when they kept it up even after Skills returned. Also, no one cares and this plot was just wasted screen time.

Meaghan: Peyton and Jake
I think I have two major problems with these two as a couple. First, I didn’t think it was clear in the beginning that they had feelings for each other at all — they seemed more like really good friends. This may be because I never felt there was much chemistry between Hilarie Burton and Bryan Greenberg. The friendship was tolerable at first, but I got a bit bored during the whole baby mama drama. Then after Peyton and Jake finally did hook up, he wasn’t around enough for it to matter. Plus, the second major problem: during season three it’s very, very obvious that Peyton loves Lucas. Her proposal to Jake during her trip to Savannah therefore comes totally out of the blue and makes no sense. And that sums this couple up, in my opinion. They make no sense.

Morgan: Brooke and Lucas
Yes, I picked a big one. I’m aware of how popular Brooke and Lucas are. I just never really got it. I think that he bides his time with Brooke while waiting for Peyton. Even when he’s driven to getting Brooke back. By that time, though, Brooke doesn’t need him. Lucas did play a part in Brooke realizing that she could be more than the partying cheerleader. But, by the time that Brooke got together with Lucas, they just weren’t working for me. In fact, I don’t think he ever was good enough for her. He constantly hurt her.

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