30 Days of One Tree Hill: Day 17

Posted by: The Dantichrist on August 31st, 2010

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The full name of this category is “Most Evil Dantichrist Moment, Other Than That Time He Killed His Brother and Used a School Shooting to Cover it Up.” Because let’s face it: not even Dan can top that one for pure evilness.

Julie: Dan Gets Close to Karen in Season 4
I think Dan had genuine remorse over killing Keith, but I don’t care — weaseling his way back into Karen’s life was seriously disgusting. He killed her fiance, the father of her unborn child, and the man Lucas considered his father. Getting close to Karen and making her trust him was so low.

Meaghan: Dan Fouls Nathan in the Father and Son Basketball Game in 1.05 – All That You Can’t LeaveĀ  Behind
We already knew Dan was a bit of an ass, but I think the true depth of his evil only became apparent in this episode. Being so desperate to win a meaningless basketball game that you’ll actually physically harm your own son — and it’s the son he supposedly treasures, too, not the one he rejected — is horrible, pathetic, and mean-spirited. It might be a less cartoonish type of evil than some of Dan’s later exploits, but in a way that makes it even worse. I feel angry when I watch this scene.

Morgan: Dan Drives Deb to Attempt Suicide in 4.12 – Resolve
The Dantichrist has done so many heinous things. Deb is at her worst and he just pushes her over the edge by calmly telling her that he wishes he’d chosen Karen. It’s like sticking a knife in an already open wound, moving it around, then pouring salt and lemon into said wound. It results in Deb attempting to end her own life.

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