30 Days of One Tree Hill: Day 16

Posted by: The Dantichrist on August 30th, 2010

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Lucas does a lot of douchey things. He also has terrible hair. Here are our picks for his douchiest/lamest moments.

Julie: Lucas Kisses Peyton, Then Proposes to Lindsey in 5.07 – In Da Club
When she came back to Tree Hill, Peyton made her feelings for Lucas very clear. He know she still loves him, and when she kisses him he very obviously kisses her back. He then ignores her question about still loving her, says he has to go see Lindsey and runs off. Douche chill! He then proposes to Lindsey, who accepts right before Peyton shows up. Lindsey shows Peyton the ring and Lucas just stares and then averts his gaze. Lucas tried to rush his marriage to Lindsey in order to avoid his feelings for Peyton, and I think he knew exactly what he was doing. He just ended up hurting them both.

Meaghan: Lucas Kisses Peyton, Then Proposes to Lindsey in 5.07 – In Da Club
This is just cruel to both Lindsey and Peyton. So Lindsey caught him with the ring. So what? Not a good reason to propose to someone. He also treats Peyton terribly after she comes back to Tree Hill with his mixed signals; the kiss is just the most notable example. It’s really hard to like a guy who would do something this douchey.

Morgan: Lucas Leaves a Grieving Karen in 3.18 – When It Isn’t Like It Should Be
Everyone was hurting after the school shooting. Everyone needed to deal with it. Lucas and the gang decided to do so by heading to Rachel’s cabin. That’s fine. Except he left his mother slumped on the floor of her bedroom crying her eyes out grieving for Keith. He left her there heartbroken. I’m just going to assume he asked Larry Sawyer to check in on her, but given the parental situation in Tree Hill, who knows. I get that he needed to relax, but really now.

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