30 Days of One Tree Hill: Day 15

Posted by: The Dantichrist on August 29th, 2010

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As you may have noticed from day four, we love Nathan Scott. We’ve challenged ourselves to pick his most awesome moment. It wasn’t exactly easy, but we chose three moments that make Nathan the wonderful man we all love.

Julie: Nathan Saves Tour Clippings in 3.13 – The Wind That Blew My Heart Away
This was a surprisingly difficult choice — Nathan has so many awesome moments! His whole story arc of becoming a better person and standing up to his parents in season one is particularly awesome, but after much deliberation my choice for favorite awesome Nathan moment is when he runs out into the storm to show Haley the tour clippings, and then later drying them for her to save. It was such a romantic gesture and an important moment that really marked their reconciliation. Nathan wants Haley to know that despite all of the badness, he was always proud of her success on tour and he wants her to be proud of it too. Honorable mention to Nathan making the free throw without looking in Everyday is a Sunday Evening. That scene is so awesome.

Meaghan: Nathan Feels Bad For Affecting Haley’s Grades in 1.11 – The Living Years
There are so many really awesome Nathan moments to pick from, but I’m going old school for one of the moments that started it all. Nathan should be enjoying all that extra time he’s spending with his girlfriend, but instead he has this nagging feeling that something isn’t right. This Haley who skips class and fails quizzes just isn’t really Haley, and he gets that. Nathan sacrifices his own pleasure out of concern for someone else — a new thing for him — and shows that he really understands and cares for Haley. It’s one of the first signs that the amazing version of Nathan we all know and love now exists. (And I echo Julie regarding the free throw in Everyday is a Sunday Evening. That’s an all around great Nathan episode, but the no-look free throw is the capper. Awesome, awesome, awesome.)

Morgan: Nathan Confesses to Point Shaving in 4.18 – The Runaway Found
Nathan has a habit of making poor decisions. In this case, he made a poor decision for all of the right reasons. He was taking care of his family. It all came to a head when Lucas was under investigation for point shaving. He knew the truth, Nathan knew the truth. Lucas was never going to play basketball again. He could have easily taken the fall and it wouldn’t have had much impact on his college life. Nathan had everything to lose. Even Haley was in favor of letting Lucas take the fall. Nathan had a responsibility, though. He had a son who had to know the difference between right and wrong and needed to learn that from his father. So, Nathan did the right thing. He very nearly never played basketball again, but he still had the respect of his wife and he did the right thing for his family. Not the easy thing, but the right thing. He only feared losing three things and he let one of them go for the sake of the other two. He did what Dan Scott would have never been able to do.

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