30 Days of One Tree Hill: Day 14

Posted by: The Dantichrist on August 28th, 2010

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Peyton’s life is such an endless tale of woe that it’s really kind of amazing she kept going. A weaker person might have just thrown in the towel and done the “goodbye cruel world” thing, but Peyton endures! Before One Tree Hill even started, her adoptive mother died in a car accident (but we have limited ourselves to events that actually occurred on screen for our answers today) and it was pretty much a steady stream of bad from there. Here are our picks for the worst of the worst.

Julie: Ellie’s Death in 3.13 – The Wind That Blew My Heart Away
Peyton has been through so much, but I think Ellie’s death is the worst thing to happen to her during the show. Being shot, being attacked by a psycho stalker, and thinking she was going to die in childbirth were all horrible, of course, but ultimately she overcame those events. Ellie’s death was a permanent loss made even more sad by the fact that Peyton and Ellie had just really connected.

Meaghan: Ellie’s Death in 3.13 – The Wind That Blew My Heart Away
So much crap happens to Peyton that part of me thought she probably should have died at the end of season six, just to be consistent. In all that pain, I think Ellie’s death is the harshest thing she endures. I wasn’t crazy about the whole Ellie storyline at first but she really grew on me as a character and I loved the development of the Peyton-Ellie relationship. Peyton finally had a mom she could talk to, and then just like that — she was gone. The scene where Peyton finds Ellie dead is difficult to watch. The scene where she scatters her mom’s ashes at The Meadow is beautifully sad.

Morgan: Peyton May Die From Being Pregnant – Season Six
So many bad things happen to Peyton Sawyer. She’s a survivor, though, and she comes through everything stronger than she was before. So, my choice isn’t necessarily about one thing happening to her, but an accumulation of bad things. Let’s recap, shall we? Her adoptive mother dies, her birth mother dies, she gets shot, she gets stalked, the love of her life leaves her because she doesn’t want to get married yet. So, she’s finally happy. She has the man of her dreams and they’re about to have a child. And it may kill her. Everything’s perfect and she may not live to see it. That on top of everything else that happened? Crikey. Peyton may have been coming to terms with it and she may have accepted it if she knew Lucas and their child would be okay. But really, that on top of everything else. Man, P. Sawyer.

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