30 Days of One Tree Hill: Day 12

Posted by: The Dantichrist on August 26th, 2010

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When the three of us began watching One Tree Hill, we never really expected to love Brooke Davis as much as we do. As you might imagine, it was difficult picking her best moment because there’s just so many of them. It speaks highly for this specific moment, though, that we all chose the same one. Brooke Davis really is one in a million and for at least one teenage girl, she changed the world.

Julie: Brooke Takes Down Jack’s brother in 6.13 – Things a Mama Don’t Know
Brooke Davis doesn’t panic when she realizes Jack’s brother is her attacker. She immediately goes back to his house and kicks the crap out of him! This scene is such an excellent emotional convergence of the negatives from the attack and the positives from Brooke’s relationship with Sam. Brooke has so much hatred and anger for her attacker, but her love for Sam keeps her focused on what matters: he isn’t worth any more of her time.

Meaghan: Brooke Takes Down Jack’s brother in 6.13 – Things a Mama Don’t Know
One of the things I like about this is how hard Brooke fights. This is no weeping Peyton who needs Lucas (or Brooke) to come rescue her from Psycho Derek. Brooke needs no one’s help. She completely subdues the guy before Julian arrives, and I really appreciate that. Brooke Davis is one of the more independent female characters on TV, and to have seen her rescued by a man would have been disappointing. I also really like that she backs down when Sam calls out to her, correctly telling her attacker: “You’re not worth it.”

Morgan: Brooke Takes Down Jack’s brother in 6.13 – Things a Mama Don’t Know
Seeing Brooke get beaten so badly in her store was hard. We saw those bruises for so long afterward and we watched Brooke retreat into herself. Then, she took in Sam. She loved Sam like she was her own. How could she have known that something Sam said led to her attack. When Sam was in danger, Brooke sprang into action like any mother would. She didn’t leave. Her instincts told her that Sam was there and needed her help. She didn’t back down. And she didn’t kill Jack’s brother. Brooke Davis is better than that. She’s a strong, independent, capable woman. Through dealing with the truth of her attack and what caused it, she put her feelings aside and did what needed to be done for Sam. She did what a mother would do.

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