30 Days of One Tree Hill: Day 7

Posted by: The Dantichrist on August 21st, 2010

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Nathan and Haley are so awesome that we had to leave them out of the running for this category or no one else would stand a chance!

Julie: Brooke and Julian
No one comes close to Nathan and Haley, but Brooke and Julian are my second favorite. They are just so pretty together and have great chemistry. I love how Brooke makes Julian smile. They’ve had a lot of stupid little issues come between them but I think at this point they have endured through and outgrown some of the personal problems that were keeping them from really connecting. Honorable mention to Tim and Bevin and their son Nathan. I wish we could have seen that on screen. LOL

Meaghan: Dan and Deb
Oh, are there couples other than Nathan and Haley on this show? I never noticed. :) Seriously, though, in terms of romance, sexiness, drama, love, and all the other big time couple stuff, I don’t think anyone competes with Always & Forever. Perhaps that’s why the other couples I enjoy most tend to be the funny ones: Dan and Rachel, Skills and Bevin, and — my choice for today — Dan and Deb. They’re a perfect match, in that they’re both totally insane, and their War of the Roses style antics in season three crack me up. Also, I think they’d both be legitimately happy if the other one died. That’s a truly special relationship.

Morgan: Brooke and Julian
It has to be Brooke and Julian. No one comes close to Nathan and Haley, but I do love Brooke and Julian. Julian is actually the first guy for Brooke that I’ve ever felt was truly right for her. He gets her in a way that no one ever really has. Brooke has always needed someone who understands her and she has it with Julian. I think he’s also strong enough to be his own man and strong enough to not be bothered at all by being seen sometimes as Mr. Brooke Davis. I even liked their season seven story because even when they were having problems, they were still very much in love and yearning for each other.

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2 Comments on “30 Days of One Tree Hill: Day 7”

  1. Jessica: Clay and Quinn says:

    Clay and Quinn: For me it has to be Clay and Quinn, they are just a nice simple romance. They don’t try and be nothing they aren’t, just two people falling in love and moving past two tragedies. Quinn is the first girl that Clay opened up to since Sara’s death. When Clay first meant Quinn, he thought she would be just another girl he sleeps with but he was attracted to her and he let his guard down. They are just too cute and adorable together. That scene in 7.13 where he gives her that “Will You Be My Girlfriend” note is the cutest thing that I have ever seen. They also are just so pretty together and have really great chemistry. Plus I loved their banter at the beginning of the season, it was so fun. I will never forget that Dance Quinn did to get Clay inside to talk to the Bobcats GM, Quinn would do anything for Clay as would he. There scenes are just too perfect and I loved how Quinn was there to help Clay moan Sara’s death and I loved how Clay comforted Quinn while her mom was dying from Cancer. Clay proved to Quinn that he loves her even with that whole Kylie thing and even with Katie, Clay is in it for the long run and can only love Quinn. They don’t need alot of drama with another woman, they face things together whether it be death, people trying to keep them apart or psychos. Nothing will tear Clay and Quinn apart. Clay and Quinn are my favorite couple on One Tree Hill as well, I completely felled in love with them. They can do it all; sexiness, they are so adorable especially in 7.13 and when they get tangled up in Drama, they stick by each other’s side. Clay and Quinn are love.

  2. Meaghan says:

    We enjoy Clay and Quinn too. Thanks for the comment, Jessica! :)