30 Days of One Tree Hill: Day 2

Posted by: The Dantichrist on August 16th, 2010

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Again, we are unanimous. While we all liked season seven, we all share pretty much the same opinion on its major weaknesses. What these weaknesses boil down to, essentially, is: not enough Nathan, Haley, and Brooke.

Julie: Season Seven
I enjoyed season seven overall, but too much time was spent on new characters and their relationships and story lines that barely involved the old characters we have known and loved for years (seriously, who cares that much about Miranda and Grubbs). The season played out like separate vignettes with the characters only occasionally crossing story lines and I really missed seeing Brooke and Haley’s friendship. I think the show was successful moving on without Lucas and Peyton but I would have appreciated a brief explanation for their disappearance. This season was also rather bleak and some lightheartedness would have made it more balanced. Finally, not enough Dantichrist!

Meaghan: Season Seven
Quinn and David, Taylor and David, Quinn and Clay, Clay and Sarah, Clay and Psycho Fake Sarah, Skills and Lauren, Mouth and Lauren, Mouth and Millie, Millie and drugs, Miranda and Grubbs, Victoria and “Paul,” Victoria and Alexander, Alex and Alexander, Alex and Curly Haired Gay Actor Guy, Alex and Chase, Chase and Mia … you see the problem. I get that Lucas and Peyton left, and I understand the need to give their replacements backstories and new relationships, but this was excessive and really detracted from the core of One Tree Hill. Bringing in three major new characters — three to replace two, mind you — while also bumping up the screentime devoted to so many previously comparatively minor characters was just too much and it didn’t work. I need huge amounts of Nathan and Haley time to keep me going, okay! (Notice I have not objected to the Dan and Rachel storyline. That’s because it was awesome. However, I still haven’t recovered from the disappointment of Dan not being Victoria’s lover.)

Morgan: Season Seven
It’s not a bad season, it’s just uneven. In an effort to integrate the new characters, the relationships of the long time characters were forsaken. With the loss of Lucas and Peyton, the show did need new characters. However, those characters and their stories got a bit too much screen time. I care much more about Nathan, Haley, and Brooke, and I just would have preferred to have a larger focus on them. I also think that it seemed a bit like characters like Mouth and Skills were kept around simply for old time’s sake rather than serving any purpose for the story. There’s a lot that’s good about it, it’s just my least favorite.

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One Comment on “30 Days of One Tree Hill: Day 2”

  1. Ann says:

    This. The only thing I like about S7 is that it FINALLY gave Haley a fully formed narrative and that it gave B.Joy meaty material which she rocked. I can’t hate the season because of that. But you guys are right about its weaknesses.

    I think I dislike S8 the most. I was bored with everybody’s storylines and while the Brooke/Haley friendship made me happy and while I fell in love with Julian, there was too much of a bromance I didn’t buy (Clay and Nathan) and not enough of a burgeoning friendship I could buy (Julian and Nathan). My biggest contention is that there was not nearly enough Haley/Nathan scenes to keep me happy. They were kept apart for most of the season or they were in short scenes for whole episodes. Argh.

    Also, I need Dan back in Tree Hill not sulking in a diner. Nathan as a sports agent is an awful idea since he quit basketball to be with his family more but being an agent would definitely not accomplish that goal. Also, Nathan Scott not being a part of basketball as say, oh I dunno, a basketball coach, is a travesty. Nathan, as I know the character, would work so well as a basketball coach (cough The Ravens) and it would be more rewarding to his character arc than being an agent. It would be a full circle for the character to teach other young boys who were once like his high school self.

    Also, I could do without most of the new characters. I’ll keep Julian and Alex. Everyone else can leave. Mia can get out too. Skills/Chase/Lauren/Millie/Mouth/Jamie need reduced ST for their storylines. I don’t need to know about Jamie or Chuck’s life that much. The last episodes need to focus on the core characters+Julian. If they can get Lucas or Peyton to come back for an episode, I would be happy too. It would feel wrong to end the show without one of the two. I even miss Lucas’s pretenious voice-overs.

    Lastly, I need good scenes and a good storyline for Nathan and Haley. If I wrote this show, I know what I would give Nathan to round out his character arc. Dan dying/some sort of reconciliation and coaching basketball comes to mind. For Haley, I like the idea of her opening Karen’s and continuing that legacy. I would bring Taylor back because Taylor is interesting and well, Quinn kind of sucks. Taylor and Haley building a true sisterhood would be something I would want to see. For Brooke, I don’t know what I want but I know I don’t want drama of the baby-in-danger kind.

    Lastly, I might actually send Mark S. hatemail if the last episodes of the show doesn’t give me good scenes between NH.