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30 Days of One Tree Hill: Day 17

Posted by: The Dantichrist on August 31st, 2010

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The full name of this category is “Most Evil Dantichrist Moment, Other Than That Time He Killed His Brother and Used a School Shooting to Cover it Up.” Because let’s face it: not even Dan can top that one for pure evilness.

Julie: Dan Gets Close to Karen in Season 4
I think Dan had genuine remorse over killing Keith, but I don’t care — weaseling his way back into Karen’s life was seriously disgusting. He killed her fiance, the father of her unborn child, and the man Lucas considered his father. Getting close to Karen and making her trust him was so low.

Meaghan: Dan Fouls Nathan in the Father and Son Basketball Game in 1.05 – All That You Can’t Leave  Behind
We already knew Dan was a bit of an ass, but I think the true depth of his evil only became apparent in this episode. Being so desperate to win a meaningless basketball game that you’ll actually physically harm your own son — and it’s the son he supposedly treasures, too, not the one he rejected — is horrible, pathetic, and mean-spirited. It might be a less cartoonish type of evil than some of Dan’s later exploits, but in a way that makes it even worse. I feel angry when I watch this scene.

Morgan: Dan Drives Deb to Attempt Suicide in 4.12 – Resolve
The Dantichrist has done so many heinous things. Deb is at her worst and he just pushes her over the edge by calmly telling her that he wishes he’d chosen Karen. It’s like sticking a knife in an already open wound, moving it around, then pouring salt and lemon into said wound. It results in Deb attempting to end her own life.

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30 Days of One Tree Hill: Day 16

Posted by: The Dantichrist on August 30th, 2010

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Lucas does a lot of douchey things. He also has terrible hair. Here are our picks for his douchiest/lamest moments.

Julie: Lucas Kisses Peyton, Then Proposes to Lindsey in 5.07 – In Da Club
When she came back to Tree Hill, Peyton made her feelings for Lucas very clear. He know she still loves him, and when she kisses him he very obviously kisses her back. He then ignores her question about still loving her, says he has to go see Lindsey and runs off. Douche chill! He then proposes to Lindsey, who accepts right before Peyton shows up. Lindsey shows Peyton the ring and Lucas just stares and then averts his gaze. Lucas tried to rush his marriage to Lindsey in order to avoid his feelings for Peyton, and I think he knew exactly what he was doing. He just ended up hurting them both.

Meaghan: Lucas Kisses Peyton, Then Proposes to Lindsey in 5.07 – In Da Club
This is just cruel to both Lindsey and Peyton. So Lindsey caught him with the ring. So what? Not a good reason to propose to someone. He also treats Peyton terribly after she comes back to Tree Hill with his mixed signals; the kiss is just the most notable example. It’s really hard to like a guy who would do something this douchey.

Morgan: Lucas Leaves a Grieving Karen in 3.18 – When It Isn’t Like It Should Be
Everyone was hurting after the school shooting. Everyone needed to deal with it. Lucas and the gang decided to do so by heading to Rachel’s cabin. That’s fine. Except he left his mother slumped on the floor of her bedroom crying her eyes out grieving for Keith. He left her there heartbroken. I’m just going to assume he asked Larry Sawyer to check in on her, but given the parental situation in Tree Hill, who knows. I get that he needed to relax, but really now.

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30 Days of One Tree Hill: Day 15

Posted by: The Dantichrist on August 29th, 2010

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As you may have noticed from day four, we love Nathan Scott. We’ve challenged ourselves to pick his most awesome moment. It wasn’t exactly easy, but we chose three moments that make Nathan the wonderful man we all love.

Julie: Nathan Saves Tour Clippings in 3.13 – The Wind That Blew My Heart Away
This was a surprisingly difficult choice — Nathan has so many awesome moments! His whole story arc of becoming a better person and standing up to his parents in season one is particularly awesome, but after much deliberation my choice for favorite awesome Nathan moment is when he runs out into the storm to show Haley the tour clippings, and then later drying them for her to save. It was such a romantic gesture and an important moment that really marked their reconciliation. Nathan wants Haley to know that despite all of the badness, he was always proud of her success on tour and he wants her to be proud of it too. Honorable mention to Nathan making the free throw without looking in Everyday is a Sunday Evening. That scene is so awesome.

Meaghan: Nathan Feels Bad For Affecting Haley’s Grades in 1.11 – The Living Years
There are so many really awesome Nathan moments to pick from, but I’m going old school for one of the moments that started it all. Nathan should be enjoying all that extra time he’s spending with his girlfriend, but instead he has this nagging feeling that something isn’t right. This Haley who skips class and fails quizzes just isn’t really Haley, and he gets that. Nathan sacrifices his own pleasure out of concern for someone else — a new thing for him — and shows that he really understands and cares for Haley. It’s one of the first signs that the amazing version of Nathan we all know and love now exists. (And I echo Julie regarding the free throw in Everyday is a Sunday Evening. That’s an all around great Nathan episode, but the no-look free throw is the capper. Awesome, awesome, awesome.)

Morgan: Nathan Confesses to Point Shaving in 4.18 – The Runaway Found
Nathan has a habit of making poor decisions. In this case, he made a poor decision for all of the right reasons. He was taking care of his family. It all came to a head when Lucas was under investigation for point shaving. He knew the truth, Nathan knew the truth. Lucas was never going to play basketball again. He could have easily taken the fall and it wouldn’t have had much impact on his college life. Nathan had everything to lose. Even Haley was in favor of letting Lucas take the fall. Nathan had a responsibility, though. He had a son who had to know the difference between right and wrong and needed to learn that from his father. So, Nathan did the right thing. He very nearly never played basketball again, but he still had the respect of his wife and he did the right thing for his family. Not the easy thing, but the right thing. He only feared losing three things and he let one of them go for the sake of the other two. He did what Dan Scott would have never been able to do.

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30 Days of One Tree Hill: Day 14

Posted by: The Dantichrist on August 28th, 2010

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Peyton’s life is such an endless tale of woe that it’s really kind of amazing she kept going. A weaker person might have just thrown in the towel and done the “goodbye cruel world” thing, but Peyton endures! Before One Tree Hill even started, her adoptive mother died in a car accident (but we have limited ourselves to events that actually occurred on screen for our answers today) and it was pretty much a steady stream of bad from there. Here are our picks for the worst of the worst.

Julie: Ellie’s Death in 3.13 – The Wind That Blew My Heart Away
Peyton has been through so much, but I think Ellie’s death is the worst thing to happen to her during the show. Being shot, being attacked by a psycho stalker, and thinking she was going to die in childbirth were all horrible, of course, but ultimately she overcame those events. Ellie’s death was a permanent loss made even more sad by the fact that Peyton and Ellie had just really connected.

Meaghan: Ellie’s Death in 3.13 – The Wind That Blew My Heart Away
So much crap happens to Peyton that part of me thought she probably should have died at the end of season six, just to be consistent. In all that pain, I think Ellie’s death is the harshest thing she endures. I wasn’t crazy about the whole Ellie storyline at first but she really grew on me as a character and I loved the development of the Peyton-Ellie relationship. Peyton finally had a mom she could talk to, and then just like that — she was gone. The scene where Peyton finds Ellie dead is difficult to watch. The scene where she scatters her mom’s ashes at The Meadow is beautifully sad.

Morgan: Peyton May Die From Being Pregnant – Season Six
So many bad things happen to Peyton Sawyer. She’s a survivor, though, and she comes through everything stronger than she was before. So, my choice isn’t necessarily about one thing happening to her, but an accumulation of bad things. Let’s recap, shall we? Her adoptive mother dies, her birth mother dies, she gets shot, she gets stalked, the love of her life leaves her because she doesn’t want to get married yet. So, she’s finally happy. She has the man of her dreams and they’re about to have a child. And it may kill her. Everything’s perfect and she may not live to see it. That on top of everything else that happened? Crikey. Peyton may have been coming to terms with it and she may have accepted it if she knew Lucas and their child would be okay. But really, that on top of everything else. Man, P. Sawyer.

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30 Days of One Tree Hill: Day 13

Posted by: The Dantichrist on August 27th, 2010

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Haley can be a fierce woman (see this post if you aren’t convinced). A word of advice: don’t mess with her family — or her values. She’s not afraid to stand up for herself!

Julie: Haley Bitchslaps Rachel in 4.14 – Sad Songs For Dirty Lovers
This is such a fierce moment for Haley. Not only does Haley throw water in her face and slap her, she doesn’t mince words when confronting Rachel about her insecure, cheating, skank ass, and she doesn’t back down! It’s the kind of thing I’d daydream about doing but probably not have the guts to do.

Meaghan: Haley Bitchslaps Rachel in 4.14 – Sad Songs For Dirty Lovers
I feel kind of cheap for picking this over more meaningful moments in Haley’s life but … the sight of tiny, pregnant Haley throwing her drink at Rachel and then bitchslapping her across the face makes me laugh. Every. Single. Time. I always want to high five her after watching this scene.

Morgan: Haley Quits Her Job in 6.18 – Searching For a Former Clarity
I agree with my cohorts. Tiny, pregnant Haley bitchslapping Haley is indeed fierce, awesome, and satisfying. From the post linked above, you can see that a lot of Haley’s outbursts are in defense of her family. Don’t mess with her family. However, I’ve chosen a moment that is all about Haley. Everyone, Nathan included, assumes that Haley will acquiesce to Principal Rimkus’s demands that she print a retraction for publishing Sam’s essay. But, Haley doesn’t. She takes a stand for what is right and she doesn’t compromise her beliefs. Her students may not have had her for a teacher anymore, but they ended up with more respect for her than they already had. She was right, she is too young to bow down to the man – or in this case, Principal Butkiss (thanks for that, Nathan). She’s what? Twenty-three years-old at this point? She did the right thing, she stood up for herself, and she also stood up for Sam.

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