Heart of Gold

Posted by: Meaghan on January 23rd, 2010

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Hello! I thought it was about time I posted something on here. So far my co-webmistresses Julie and Morgan have done just about all the work on this site, so congrats to them on a great job!

I’m here to talk about a very important issue for One Tree Hill. That issue is Victoria’s quest for a lover. She seems to mention it almost every time she meets a man, and one can only imagine that she may be getting slightly desperate.


Well, she doesn’t need to feel that way any longer. Why? Because I have found the perfect man for her.


Victoria Davis, meet Dan Scott. Your soul(less) mate.

Think about it. Dan and Victoria. The Dantichrist and Bitchtoria. There are several reasons this should happen. Here are five of them.

1. If they got married, it would be a beautiful union of the Davis and Scott families. (Nathan and Brooke’s one night stand doesn’t really count.) This would mean that basically all the original major characters on One Tree Hill are related by blood or marriage. Victoria would not only be Brooke’s mother, but also Jamie and Sawyer’s step-grandmother, Nathan and Lucas’ stepmother, and Haley and Peyton’s stepmother-in-law. Dan would become the father Brooke never had (or at least the father we never saw her have). The only old school character left out of this family tree is Mouth, and who wants to be related to Mouth anyway?

2. Increased potential for evil. Imagine these two masters of manipulation combining their powers! It’s absolutely terrifying. The rest of Tree Hill wouldn’t stand a chance.

3. It would be an epic romance in the tradition of scheming soap super couples. Let’s be clear: I don’t see an affair between Dan and Victoria as a happily ever after proposition. No, these two would have the kind of passion for each other that’s part love, part hate, and part self-interest. They’ll plot and they’ll romance; sometimes they’ll do these things as a team, but they’ll work as enemies almost as often. And it will be glorious.

4. Such a union would have a ridiculous effect on relationships in the Tree Hill community. Could Nathan and Dan’s relationship possibly be more strained? Dan dating Victoria might just do it. And what would Brooke say on finding out that her mother is another Mrs. Scott?

5. Victoria’s possible interactions with Dan’s ex-wives. You thought Victoria and Rachel hated each other already? You ain’t seen nothin’ yet. The potential for scenes between Victoria and Deb is also high.

Bitchtorichrist: the scariest couple ever. Writers, make it happen.

*This entry is named after a song by Neil Young: a song which, in my opinion, perfectly sums up Victoria’s quest.