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Posted by: Morgan on January 6th, 2010

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When we first met Haley James back in the pilot, we would have never taken her for someone who was prone to violent outbursts. Boy, were we wrong.

Warning: This post is very, very image heavy.

Episode: 2.12 – Between Order and Randomness
Background Information: Haley and Nathan’s marriage had experienced strain because of her connection through music with Chris Keller. The situation was exacerbated by the arrival of Haley’s older sister Taylor. Nathan, as it turns out, had a prior experience with Taylor. She de-flowered him. At first Nathan and Taylor tried to keep it from Haley but Nathan decided it was best to tell the truth.
Physical Altercation: After being told by Nathan that he’d lost his virginity to Taylor, Haley went home to confront Taylor about. As Taylor made jokes, Haley pulled her sister’s hair and the two got into a slap fight.
Was it deserved?: As annoying as Taylor was, I’m going to say this is one of those many times when Haley was overreacting. Although it was fun to watch.

Episode: 4.14 – Sad Songs For Dirty Lovers
Background Information: Rachel Gatina caused a car accident that nearly killed not only herself but Hot Uncle Cooper and Nathan. Rachel decided to show her gratitude for Nathan saving her life by trying to steal him from Haley. She then conspired to get Haley to tutor her so Rachel could get access to the filing cabinet with the test answer keys so that Brooke could cheat on a calculus test. Rachel took the fall for Brooke cheating, but since Haley was her tutor Haley got fired.
Physical Altercation: As Haley and Nathan were about to move into Deb’s house to help her out and save money on rent, Nathan decided to throw a belated party to celebrate winning the state championship. Earlier in the day Haley had been fired so at the party, she went looking for Rachel. She found her dancing on top of a table. Haley confronted her then threw water in her face for getting her fired and then slapped her for hitting on Nathan. Rachel took a few steps forward to try and go after Haley, who didn’t back down. Rachel was stopped by Skillz.
Was it deserved?: Yes. Rachel hit on another woman’s husband. She then took advantage of Haley getting sick and going in the hospital so she could steal the key to the cabinet. Considering everything Rachel did during her time in Tree Hill, it’s a miracle no one hit her sooner.

Episode: 5.10 – Running to Stand Still
Background Information: After Nathan went through a glass window and temporarily lost the use of his legs, Haley hired a nanny to help around the house and with Jamie. Nathan began to recover and he and Haley began to heal their marriage but Nanny Carrie began hitting on Nathan. She swam naked, she traipsed around in an itty bitty bikini and she kissed Nathan. She began usurping Haley’s place in Haley’s family. It even got to the point where Jamie accidentally called Carrie “mommy”.
Physical Altercation: After the first Ravens game of the season Nathan came home and took a shower while waiting for Haley to come home. Much to Nathan’s surprise, he got some company in the shower. Believing it to be his wife, he was happy. However, he turned around to find that it was Carrie and as he kicked her out of the shower and covered her in a towel Haley walked in. Nathan tried explaining that it wasn’t what it looked like as Carrie told Haley that she and Nathan were in love. Haley proceeded to grab Carrie by the back of her neck and physically throw her out of the bathroom.
Was it deserved?: Now, that’s a silly question. Yes. Nanny Carrie is one crazy you-know-what. I’m not fond of her throwing Nathan out as well, but for Nanny Carrie it was a long time coming.

Episode: 6.07 – Messin’ With the Kid
Background Information: Jamie had been wearing a cape to school and had been getting teased about it, especially by Chuck Scolnik. Jamie tried to downplay it, but when Haley saw Chuck’s mom outside the school, she had no choice but to stand up for her son.
Physical Altercation: Haley asked Mrs. Scolnik to help out and try and get Chuck to stop bullying Jamie. When Mrs. Scolnik realized that Jamie was the boy with the cape, she began making fun of himself. Haley told her that if Mrs. Scolnik didn’t stop Chuck, that she’d be coming after Mrs. Scolnik. Mrs. Scolnik dared her to, prompting Haley to angrily push the woman.
Was it deserved?: Probably not. But don’t mess with a mama bear. Mrs. Scolnik mocked Jamie, Haley defended her son. She probably shouldn’t have though.

Episode: 6.11 – We Three (My Echo, My Shadow and Me)
Background Information: In an alternate universe episode written by Chad Michael Murray, Haley was a nightclub singer in 1942 who had formerly been employed by Dan Scott at the Comet Club. She now worked for Lucas at Karen’s Cafe, much to Dan’s dismay.
Physical Altercation: Just as Haley was about to take the stage for the night’s show, Dan stopped by to visit and goad her into returning to the Comet. Fiery Haley refused and Dan kissed her. Haley then slapped him.
Was it deserved?: Yes. He’s the Dantichrist, even in an alternate universe. One has to wonder, though, does Chad Michael Murray hate Haley? He had the Dantichrist kiss her and paw at her? Does he hate Tutor Girl? ;)

Episode: 7.04 – Believe Me I’m Lying
Background Information: Skeezy Renee Richardson went public with a claim that she’d had an affair with Nathan and was pregnant as a result. She tried to extort money from Nathan and Haley, but they refused. She then took her story to the press.
Physical Altercation: After a Clothes Over Bro’s party Haley was getting in her car to go home when Renee approached her. Renee told Haley that what Nathan liked about her was that she was slutty and would do things Haley wouldn’t do. Haley then hit her and was swarmed by the press.
Was it deserved?: Yes, but she shouldn’t have done it. Hitting a pregnant woman is never wise and it did land her in jail for a few hours. But it’s still nice seeing Haley stand up for herself, given everything she’d been through and Renee was a no good, lying witch.

The moral of this story? Don’t mess with Haley James Scott. She may be petite, but she has no problem standing up for the people she loves and for herself.

And, as an added bonus, Haley’s greatest hits!

*This entry is named after a song by Tom Petty.