Those Who Tell the Truth Shall Die, Those Who Tell the Truth Shall Live Forever

Posted by: Morgan on October 21st, 2009

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Speculation has been running wild since the arrival of Renee about just what her motivation may be. Who is she? Why is she there? What is going on? Really. What is going on?! So, here we have four theories that are most likely not the truth. Nonetheless, the speculation is a lot of fun.

Theory #1 – Clay is the Father

This was my first theory and I still think it is the most likely. In the first episode it is established that Clay is a man whore. He likes the ladies, he doesn’t believe in love and he has no problem with casual sex. Renee seems to be 100% sure that Nathan is the father of her child. As we know, the booze was flowing free the night of that party. As seen in the photo of Renee and Nathan at that party, Clay too was drinking. He’s already been taken to task by Haley for not doing a better job at looking out for Nathan that night. He threw the party. Renee admitted to being drunk. Perhaps she was so drunk she thinks she had sex with Nathan but really she had sex with Clay.

My problem with this theory is where it leads. The fallout could be worth it. As we learned in 7.06, Clay had a breakdown and now Nathan is his only client. His job depends on Nathan’s success. If this is the case and Clay is responsible for this hell the Scott family is going through, he will probably lose Nathan as a client. Or at least he should. Clay clearly values Nathan not just as his one and only client, but as his friend. He values Haley and he values Jamie. He’s beginning to value Quinn. This would certainly have a negative effect on their burgeoning relationship. However, it also means we’d probably be stuck with Renee a while longer…

Theory #2 – Renee is Carrie’s Sister

This one is basically a jump the shark theory. It’s 100% crazy and so bloody unlikely but it’s still fun. Seriously, crazy, insane, off the reservation fun. Nanny Carrie met a grisly end at he hands of the Dantichrist. So maybe crazy runs in the family and Carrie has a sister who has come to Tree Hill for revenge against the Scott family. It would be a long, drawn out revenge plot. She’d have had to be following Nathan for a while to be at that party. But it seems she clearly called him, Haley saw the phone records. She could very well be crazy. She’s succeeding at putting them through hell. At first I wondered if this could have to do with Haley but at the end of 7.06 when Rachel went to talk to her, hurting Nathan seemed to be her motivation. I think if she had anything to do with Carrie, she’d be more inclined to hurt Haley. Like I said, not in any way likely.

Theory #3 – Rachel is Responsible

Rachel Gatina Scott has no problem doing something unethical simply for her own amusement. In season four she arranged to be tutored by Haley so she could steal the key to the test cabinet so Brooke wouldn’t fail. Rachel isn’t stupid, she knew that if Brooke knew she was failing that Haley would have gladly tutored her and done it on her own time. Instead, Rachel decided to cause trouble. It’s what she likes doing. She did it in season three with the time capsule. She’s now married to the Dantichrist and seems to be enjoying her position of power on his television show. Why not pull some strings and get him so publicity by talking to the woman making his son’s life hell?

Despite claims that their courtship was chaste, we know that Rachel was working as a stripper and prostitute when the Dantichrist found her. She was slutty, Renee is slutty. Maybe they knew each other when Rachel was making money by being slutty. So Rachel hires Renee, she wreaks havoc and the Dantichrist gets Renee on his show.

I pretty much dismissed this theory at the end of 7.06 when Rachel and Renee spoke because it was quite clear they didn’t know each other. But I think this theory has the most interesting long term potential. In several interviews leading up to the airing of 7.06 James Lafferty was asked if perhaps the Dantichrist might turn up and do something heroic in this situation. James pointed out that no matter what the Dantichrist has done, Nathan has written him off and perhaps this might be one time too many and the Dantichrist might be out for blood. Part of me wonders if that might be an infamous One Tree Hill misdirect. Because here’s the thing, before Jamie found out who killed Keith, those two were close. Jamie considered the Dantichrist his best friend and vice versa. It was the purest thing the Dantichrist had and he even killed for Jamie. So I don’t believe that he’d go after Nathan, knowing full well it would be devastating to Jamie.

But the fallout of all of this being caused by Rachel has great, great potential given her position as Mrs. Scott. We know how protective the Dantichrist is over Jamie and whether Rachel considered the boy in this or not, the Dantichrist wouldn’t take kindly to it. At all. But again, I don’t think so. Rachel and Renee didn’t seem to know each other. Rachel is an opportunistic bitch, but I don’t think she’d do that to Jamie. What’s important to remember is that whoever or whatever is behind this, they’re hurting an innocent 7 year-old.

Theory #4 – Nathan Cheated on Haley

No. While at times the show seems to want us to question Nathan, they’ve had him so steadfast that it just isn’t possible.

*This entry is named after an album by Explosions in the Sky.